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Thread: Hedging is it really useful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Can you explain me the difference between getting receptive: 1) 4 lots long and 2.5 short 2) 1.5 lots long
    Yes! Double profit! ;-)

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    Hedging is it helpful? Yes, if you are a MM broker.

    Hedging your bets, that's useful for us.

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    I disagree that what folks are currently referring to as hedging is hedging. What they call hedging paying and is locking a position in place carry onto it rather than giving back their profits. It's a plogical drama in my opinion.

    That which I see as payoff is accepting opposing positions through tools that are badly or negatively connected in which there's a gt;0 anticipated yield on both transactions. That is quite useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I would like to hear a logical explanation the way you minimize your risk of opening additional positions from the opposite direction compared to closing the difference and getting the rest in one direction open.
    You clearly didn't read my post properly
    I said that they're separate trades, so they're not working together
    BUT when they're all open, some of them are going to cancel out each other so the account has less vulnerability.

    In your case 1 the vulnerability is 1.5 lot but the trading potential to make money = 6.5 lots
    In your example 2 the vulnerability is also 1.5 lot but with a much lower trading possible.

    I am not indicating that this technique is acceptable for you or for anybody else move on please.
    I am from here.

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