How can such a huge market be manipulated?
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Thread: How can such a huge market be manipulated?

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    How can such a huge market be manipulated?


    That isn't coincidence. Do not complain enough about the times I have noticed a bearish cocktail turns or even a bull in the few moments before candle shut, and vice versa. Does this mean that markets have been manipulated? Does this make sense that people take profit only few seconds before the near? Because it does not convince me, and the number of times I have seen this (particularly on GBPUSD) is crazy. I mean it, I'm sure it isn't just coincidence, it seems like a pattern which repeats itself over and over. Is it?

    I get the impression always that the market is a human who is smarter than me . How? The market ought to be worldwide, no one controlling the prices, etc . However, everytime I open the charts, put trades, take profit or loss it never is a trip. It looks to me since the market is smarter than you and going against you no matter if you are short or long.

    Not certain what other men and women think of it, perhaps only me,


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yes, forget about patterns and constant cash earning. Is the FX market manipulated or not?
    Forex market or any other market is not manipulated in any way. If you understand to read chart and you do not you would notice that market is driven only by logic of demand and supply supported by greed and fear of traders.

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    Yeah it's manipulated but just against you. Theywill trigger your stop loss, since you're profitable!

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    I think that it's not possible to determine whether they're manipulating the price against traders or not. I don't work for a big bank. But that would be a BIG mistake since they would be placing at risk the whole system for nothing.

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