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Thread: Trading quotThe Quarters Theoryquot from Ilian Yotov

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    Risking what 1000 pips?

    Congrats about the .25:1 gain

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Risking what 1000 pips? Congrats about the .25:1 profit
    Nope I risked 76 pips putting it in the top of the hesitation zone...I would say more 1:3

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    So... Im so glad I found a site where others believe the QT is quite good also.

    Allow Me to introduce myself, I am Alex, and trading from the Netherlands.

    I discovered the QuartersTheory some time ago, and as many folks in this class the QT intrigued me.
    So I began trading it.

    I found that MM4X includes a software system ( nothing more than a EA and a number of indiors ) which they use for their own setups.
    Fortunately some of them are for free, and some are readily configurable.

    Now, im not here to steal or break into copyright systems... but if you search carefully you'll have the ability to discover their systems as well.

    1) the indior that draws the real Quarters theory. . Now this is fine, but it's for lazy people ( like me )
    it's easy to draw, rather than always for all Big things to be drawn, just those within 500-750 pip range, however more lines does bring better perspective.

    Two ) TDI Pro. Now this is helpful. . You should have the ability to discover it, if you google the TDI expert. Additionally, it reveals Divergence, and concealed divergence.
    The shark tail that MM4X claims to have a patent on, is also included....

    Within trading I don't usually use the TDI expert, however occasionally it will help me understand why it makes sure moves.


    I utilize the QT indior solely as a indior for Supply and demand... it works on every pair, gold and oil included.
    I like the fact it reveals a particular plogical barrier, and combined with Sup / Dem and Price action it gives pretty good deals.

    I usually attempt to set a trade using a 1:2.5 - 1:3 Ratio and try to find place's where price is probably to drop, or increase ( particularly round numbers )

    im keeping a diary on Facebook at a group called 20 pips a day where I am a moderator, don't hesitate to join, just mention at the queries that you found me and I will let you .

    That I will attempt to adhere to this dialogue here as well... I find it very intriguing
    allow me to know if you guys have any questions for me personally.

    P.S USD CHF is currently in 1.0.... I am aiming downwards...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How do people get away with this shit? Like come on. Quarters theory? It will not help you get a FX profession sorry to burst the love bubble but wake up guys ffs FX eduion unlike other types has no limitations and any moron can make up crap and sell it without any proof aside from sounding good and showing his car/house he purchased from other business'
    so... reading this caused me to wonder if Ilian showed his vehicle and house which he obviously bought from different companies....

    It also made me wonder if our loved ones reader Leslie, chose to investigate the system, or even looked at it for more than 2 seconds...

    The machine is basically made upon plogical levels... making sense. . It is explained in a harder way ( likely why you do not understand ) and much more in depth. But is is a very interesting egy.

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