Trade Like Institutions and Banks Do
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Thread: Trade Like Institutions and Banks Do

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    Trade Like Institutions and Banks Do

    On this thread I will post my commerce ideas Analysis and Forecasts, that does not mean that these are Investment Advises.Just showing my little portion of Work, May be it would be helpful for a person who want this kind of Materials.

    Within this thread you will find out to trade like professionals and institution are does, I will mention mistakes that each new trader does this prevent them create consistent profit and that I will tell you how you can avoid those errors. This thread provides information that every new trader need before start trading in forex market, and prevent mistake like lose hard earn money in few days.
    Within this thread I shall explore each and everything that make you Successful trader, and you're free to ask each question that make you crazy and fearful dont be shy or you message me.

    Who are Targeted Audience:
    Want to know Forex trading
    Want to recover funds
    Frued and tired of losing hard earned money
    Want to consistent profit manufacturer
    wish to find out technical analysis
    wish to find out fundamental analysis
    Want to be successful trader
    Want to make Successful career in Forex Market

    Keep a open mind
    Do not be shy

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    I expect this won't occur again...

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    Coming week is very surprising,

    -Trump on 1st trip to other countries with his wife only hope he will not give a chance to people and news channel by saying anything strange and that he will not converse again something he did last week that make chaos.

    - James Comey to testify publicly let's see what's coming up next
    - Investigation take a new twist, official identify white house”person of interest” and Trump Son in law too.

    Hope things will change within this 2 times if Trump grow some new favorable issues with Saudi King as well as Israeli etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Beginning Steps: Use Dummy at least a year: several men and women start trading using dummy they utilize for 1 month when they believe they are now able to exchange and they'll make profit they now professional. This is tragedy you will need utilize dummy at least 1 year it is significant; after one year you are ready to understand occasion happens in the year and how significant they are how they impact on market. Forex Market Open 24 hours, than that I dont many state mean it is busy 24 hours. But in reality it is busy 24 hours rely upon pair you will find different pair with distinct...
    I think monthly 20% to 40 percent is totally absurd things... even targeting a monthly profit can also be a fools target in the first place

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I think monthly 20% to 40 percent is totally foolish things... even targeting a monthly profit is also a fools goal in the first place
    Thanks for Reading!


    Than do not do ridiculous matter, do what you are comfortable with.

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    weekly result
    better luck next time.
    - currently researching to prepare for coming week battle.

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