The Proof is in the Pudding
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Thread: The Proof is in the Pudding

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    The Proof is in the Pudding

    Lately I came across a thread where the thread originator submitted a commerce explorer and set some goals of account percentage gains. The primary goal was achieved and then a second goal was put. The goal near being achieved. I will be curious when it's fulfilled.

    Many article threads with numerous systems and methods. Often they post without even knowing for certain that their egy is more profitable (myself included). Now thatcliqforexhas a
    commerce explorer where anybody can follow a trader's profitability you must ask, why would anyone commerce anyone's system, egy, EA, etc. unless it shows profitability on a commerce explorer?

    Sure everybody has free choice to do what they need but that is not here to make money? Why are you after anyone's egy that doesn't back it up with a live trading account with a commerce explorer? My guess is because you're following one of those methods, it's and you're profitable. However, if you're profitable then why not show it on a commerce explorer?

    I guess that ifcliqforexmade it mandatory that everybody post a commerce explorer then 99 percent of the threads would evaporate.


    So that threads do you know that post commerce explorers with profitability?

    Which threads do you know that article with adverse accounts.

    I (and I am certain that you ) know many popular threads posting profitability without backing it up. However, if you're trading a method and making profit why not back it up using a commerce explorer?

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