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    dungles trading framework

    This trading framework that I have written is a culmination of years of sorting and organizing different chart patterns and groupings and also the relationship of the market open(mo) along with also the fund statement (fa).Because of the new concepts I am suggesting I needed to start from the start to explain them. For those who might have come across these concepts then you may skip to the relevant sections although I believe it worthwhile to read from the beginning.Most are only one page long. Those with a fantastic understanding of trading are welcome to critique my concepts. For basic information for those who need to please read the instruction section in babypips.com. I will upload the remaining chapters from the articles that follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .... However I did not see on dungle's notes he referenced that particular pattern, I'd love to read more than what dungle wrote, if you could please tell me on what document that he talks about that bullish continuation pattern that happens following a hammer and bearish candle in an uptrend.
    Hello Pipo, the only one of Dungles files that I have had a fantastic read of around now is concept chapter 6.

    If you examine the webpage entitled THE INTERACTION OF HAMMER PAIRS, MO/FA without PP take a look at the 2 examples (II and IV) in'setup 2' they are both identical apart from the color of the hammer and according to the dining table, the anticipated management of price is the same in each case.

    My trade was a doji/hammer type candle followed with a bearish bar. AFTER the bearish pub, the European market afterward opened at 07:00 gmt. My interpretation of Dungles table is that if EITHER'market opens' OR'news' (not both together) occurrs AFTER the bearish pub, then the anticipated direction is up (see table top C=MO/FA for examples II IV). I am assuming C to be following the closing of candle B.

    We can only ever put our own interpretation on the info Dungle has supplied, never really knowing if it was what Dungle actually meant or not. On this occasion it worked out, so that was good enough for me! Like everything, I suppose it is up to the trader to do his own research and prove or disprove ideas for himself.

    As a matter of curiosity, in addition to the color of the hammer bodies not producing any difference to the anticipated direction of price, I have also noticed that, according to Dungles tables, it doesnt seem to matter if price is at a pivot point or less the anticipated direction is the same in either case, so I think that the diagr/tables could have been simplified somewhat. Of course, this presumes my interpretation of how Dungles work is correct.

    I hope that answers your question. If you've got a different intrpretation of the table I have referenced, please let me know as I'd never eliminate the possibility that I am mistaken!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There has been a similar pattern to what you posted for EURUSD, on EURJPY and GBPJPY, at 8:00 pm NY time. I exchanged both and they were both profitable.

    I've seen that pattern before and I call it a continuation pattern in case it occurs before an MO..
    I'm assuming your talking about the patterns that completed 1 hour'before' that the Tokyo open. My comprehension of Dungles function is that the MO must happen inside;
    a) The hammer/shooting celebrity, or
    b) the bull or bear candle that follows the hammer/shooting celebrity.
    C) The next candle following the hammer/shooting celebrity.
    At least this is my interpretation of that which Dungle is saying and is the standards that I have been employing when searching for setups. But it will be interesting to learn how these setups compare in visibility, to setups which are'by the book' so I'll watch out for them .

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