Time analysis - quotthe other half of the picturequot
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Thread: Time analysis - quotthe other half of the picturequot

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    Time analysis - quotthe other half of the picturequot

    Hey , as well all know the quantities of techniques, methods and research on price action is extensive and confusing and there's absolutely no need. What's currently becoming more and more clear to me is that we're really only looking at half of the picture. Think about your charts, we have an x axis and y axis, price on the y axis, and time on the x axis. My question is why are we focusing solely on a single hand, i.e. the y axis (price), and over all, not spending as much time analysing the other half of the picture, time.

    So I thought it might be a good chance to start a thread where we can start looking into some time anaylsis, things such as cycles, fibonacci timezones, harmonic beats and determine if we can't make several discoveries on the way. It can be simple things, for instance, pull the 1H EUR/USD, and quantify 40-45 bars out of a major low or high.

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    Draw a line this ought to obscure the view slightly less than a number of the suggestions.

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    Oh god moon phases....

    How low will TA move...

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    I'd really like to see this thread last. . .Is anyone using fibonacci time collection, or possibly a time branch that is gann?

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    Just passing by as I am now having my very first San Miguel of the evening - the problem IMO with time predictions is that MT4 is not user friendly unless you are talking short TFs - 15m and below - since the weekend hours vary so much between brokers....and as many incliqforexuse MT4 there are few posting on the use of time.

    Personally, I've solved the use of time another way....trade from FO -1 for ~3 hours and then NY -1 for another couple and you're going to find all of the pips you need...

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    It looks like many years because you began this thread.

    How is your journey down Time Analysis?? Have you moved farther along??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm impressed by seeing the new and novel ideas of prediciting future price action and tendencies by comparing it with planets and moons.
    What I notice is that if moon has some influence on the price action then it implies everything is predestined since moon has no free will to impact the price.If it is so then I think we should check the birth dates, marriages dates, etc etc of millionaries who have been lucky in forex to accumulate that wealth and we're going to have the ability to find some correlation between moon cycle and millionaires.May be all became millionaires...
    your talking is true but have you discovered something yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey all, also all know the amounts of processes, methods and research on price action is both confusing and extensive and surely there's not any need to enter that here. What is currently becoming more and more clear to me is that we are actually only looking at half the image. Think about your charts, we've got an x axis and y axis, price on the y axis, and time on the x axis. My question is why are we focusing only on a single hand, i.e. the y axis (price), and above all, not spending as much time analysing another half of the image, time....
    This is awesome thread.
    There traders seeking to figure out the exact time of shift by planets and moon trip zodiac's houses
    but additionally Ys can tell you about the time, if you understand that the trend and price level this may be something physiological formula to tell you the time.

    Span = rate * time
    rate = length / period
    time = length / rate

    however on chart we'll look at fashion and price level only so we get the time.

    I understand what im talking about is different than the direction that you want to find but its to take care of point.

    Another thing which I found about the time and price at this thread:

    you understand what else? Time give you the price that there a big respect between both Y X they both work side by side, a friend of mine said when price get quicker than time it does range until time come price move. . Look at the image that is attached and imagine the price try to postpone to acquire the amount on the time under the trend. .

    Great luck with your research

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Would you do me a favor and place the Gann Wheel v.1.1 zip ? Tried getting it off the forum and each tim I try to start it I get an error that its not even a vlaid archive.

    Additionally wanted to add an idea I started kicking around. Has to do with mathmatics than time, but time may end up being a element in the calculation however,... what if there was an equation that could predict the next high/low no matter what the h/l utilized was... Kind of a universal equation. Just a thought. I will keep kicking around the ol' skull.
    Do this: fibonacci trading the way to mas along with the wheel out of http://www.4shared.com
    Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends

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    can this thought work to have the time?

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