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Thread: Plogy and MM free zone...

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    Psychology and MM free zone...

    Please take notice of the TITLE!

    Id like to know what other traders...

    --I'd like to specify just traders above BE for many months respond, but I believe this could just be Ignored anyhow --

    . . .Think has become the most important element in successfull trading?

    Im quite interested to hear the varying responces, typically these threads have been dominated with the MM and plogy aspect, so Im guessing that this thread will soon dissapear in the front page.

    Prove me


    EDIT:The responce'A plan' is also prohibited from this thread
    EDIT2:'An Edge' can be prohibited, since success suggests having an edge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Pattern Game along with the Indior Trap.. .close cousins IMO.

    I believe that's why looking into Market Construction, Players and their goals, Order Flow and only right, objective monitoring of exactly what Buyers and Sellers are currently doing is the way to direct our energies.
    So the question becomescan we ascertain the gamers and their goals, order flows, buyer and seller opinion, etc solely by the price patterns that they create? Or do we need another data resource? If that's the case, how/where do we obtain it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Pattern Game along with the Indior Trap.. .close cousins IMO.

    I believe that is why searching into Market Construction, Players and their goals, Order Flow
    and only right, objective monitoring of exactly what Buyers and Sellers are currently performing
    is the way to direct our energies.
    Nice to see your back on this boat Brent.

    I completely agree with the Bold comment above.

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    In my book it is not possible for small retail traders to see that the picture?it is like looking for out what's somebodyelses head,besides why would the big dogs want u to understand exactly what they r thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In my book it's impossible for small retail traders to see the picture?it is similar to trying to find out what is somebodyelses thoughts,besides why would the big dogs need u to know exactly what they r thinking?
    I very much doubt that the big dogs give a toss about what a handful of retail traders might be thinking. They will simply move with their agendas.

    Traders like Gaston apparently understand how these progr operate. My question was to what extent, if any, the price movements generated by big dog orders form identifiable (and hence potentially exploitable) patterns or inefficiencies.

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    Hi you enjoy myself seeyou are a chartist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I very much doubt that the big dogs give a toss about what a handful of retail traders may be thinking. They will simply proceed with their agendas no matter.

    Traders like Gaston seemingly understand how these progr operate. My question was to the extent, if any, the price moves generated by large dog orders form identifiable (and therefore potentially exploitable) patterns or inefficiencies.
    At a guess, Id say Gaston doesnt know quite as much that the Bold above implies he does.

    I think its much more likely that Gaston in a specific price and time, can make some assumptions about wich players are going to have an interest in some specific outcomes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Gaston, many thanks for the insightful reaction.

    My questionis it possible to understand when these heavyweight participants ' are'making a difference' (or perhaps even better, if they are just about to drive price in a specific direction), only by taking a look at price action, or does one need to have access to additional info (e.g. across-the board-volume, market depth, order placement, etc)?

    There is a fantastic article by Merlin somewhere (wish I could find it), in which he says that the best way to develop a system is to find a pattern/phenomenon that you think...

    You need to look from a businessman's standpoint. I was formerly a financial journalist and retired as a entrepreneur.

    Like I have understood a market maker is simply interested in making profit. Whatever has been happening in FX markets (or for that matter any speculative markets) isn't completely based on fundamental or technical analysis. It never was. More so now it is really evident. Tell me that currency is bringing you better interest rates or that nation's economy is in really good shape? Why are currencies moving up and down? US, Europe and Uk all of them are printing cash (expanding cash quantity ) right and left. How can you differentiate which currency is strong and that is weak?

    This past year around June/July everybody was talking about the failr value of dollar to become E/U 1.45 but within two weeks it was at 1.30. Market makers had to move swiftly to safeguard their interests in the mammoth options trade and the ferocious move to bring it to this minimal level ought to be viewed against that background. Damn the fundamentals or Purchasing Power of Parity. The carry trade had created a large monster that was going to put them out of business so that the speedy transfer to kill the creature needed to be obtained, even at the expense of upsetting the market for quite a lengthy time. The market makers have think tanks (average US large business design where tanks or research institutions, financed by them, profess to become independent) in addition to tech te whose job is find ways to guard the interests of the masters.

    I have seen you posting a lot of indiors depending on the past. You are a smart coder and the best part is you do with a passion, which is reflected in your work.

    For a change, begin relating the chart tools to actually what is going on in the market and what could possibly happen in the immediate future. You see the market makers' matches, the hours/days/weeks/months/quarters they pick because of their moves then you will find such recurring patterns aren't so random and have been happening ever since the market makers were allowed to operate the fx market throughout the 70s.

    In six months or so, and solely by celebrating at bare amounts or using statistics reporting progr on the chart (no more oscillators or some other indior that can be an distraction) you'll have the ability to chart their patterns and develop an ability to predict their moves.

    You need to concentrate on the large picture and plot their own possible moves. They'd initially produce a zone (last week and after next week of every month) and accumulate positions, How can they buy their rankings - slowly or rapidly? How can they create opportunities for short sell, short covering in order that the traders can buy from them? How can they change trading zones gradually and maintain the trading orderly (range trading) and intriguing enough for traders to speculate.

    You handle every session (Asia, Europe, US) as human market. Create range indior for every semester hi-low and treat them just like a 3- semester cycle. And in every session there'll be some 15-minute or 30-minute period in which the stop-hunts/profit-taking will invariably happen. Frankfurt session, London session available and US session available and Sydney session available are you currently watch for stop-hunt throughout the first 30 minutes or an hour or so.

    The pattern is going to be like this: One semester will be earmarked Buy that'll be indied from the dip into the reduced on the open of the session. Throughout the semester profit-taking will happen. And just before the next session starts, a prevent hunt/profit taking will be done. If the market has not generated enough interest, the position-building by market maker continues in second semester and seldom it will be done in third semester, unless it's month starting or month-ending. So third semester will be SELL session that is near the previous high. Short Sell session in addition to upward stop search is going to be finished during one session or 2 consecutive sessions ( equal up or down move in 3 consecutive session is a rarity).

    You develop some tools to compile statistics for every session divided in two hour borders and you'll discover the pattern that the maximum moves will be at the opening and closing hours. Throughout the remainder of time cross-currencies will be moving. It'll be just like a circus. Major currencies do their job during the opening and closing hours (revert to ) while the cross currencies play out their action at remainder of the time.

    Unless the market makers are in a major position-building practice that they do just before major data releases like yesterdaytoday and tomorrowthe 3-cycle will turn into a consolidation cycle if the purpose is to change the trading range. Data releases offer them opportunities to create big noise to produce fear, anxiety and ecstacy.

    I heard about these tactics from Sniper Trading Workbook by George Angell. It is a step-by-step exercise and so it is simple to adhere to the technique.

    It is hard work celebrating their moves from all sort of market sound and documenting them because the study of time/hours they select because of their movements are rather important. Back testing ought to be able to ch them after you know their pattern and also think from the tactics.

    It is timely to undertake this exercie now because the summer has finished. It is first week of this month and the market makers are trying to push the market into a greater range zone. July and August normally set the tone for next five-to six months trade zone. So by next June-end you'll have documented their annual moves. Multi-year trend reversal moves can also be known with the support of this knowledge.

    I trust you or anybody considering this method develop some good indiors to fathom the intentions of the operators. The idea isn't to predict the price levels but what the operators want to perform: buy, sell or sell and which places have they marked as bull/bear traps and where they swing and how. Plus they do the trading and without fear.

    Attached is a intro into 3-day cycle technique.

    I am also attaching a graph made by me to plot their own intention (a couple of days) and printed on this forum somewhere else to change the trading zone during this and next week to a new degree.


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    Wow.... PJ the notion presented in your article and the PDF is what I have spent searching for. I am now starting to see the forest and the trees.... amazing.

    From the dearth of comments I would say your article went over the heads of most, but I guess that's just the way it'll be.... At least until they are ready for the idea.

    Lots thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Id love to know what other traders...
    . . .Think has become the most important element in successfull trading?
    The ability to become very, very thorough, patient consistent.

    There are 1001 ways to earn money from the markets, minus the above successful trading won't ever be sustained.

    Being reluctant to accept a plogical answer indies an unwillingnesss to be thorough...

    I enjoy your articles LL - the opening salvo of this thead with Craig is hysterical.

    Fortunately, I have my own supply of Toblerone...

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