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In these conspiracy issues that the participants are making 2 errors.
Ah yes, the excellent conspiracy of market orders, limit orders and their effects on liquidity. :tinfoilhat:

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1. They suppose on the market speculating that there is a really limited variety of players that are smart and everyone waits for another to finish his match.
Maybe you'd solve a puzzle by hammering all the pieces in addition to each other until they fit together. I'm gonna go at a time though. .

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2. They do not understand this, in order for a player another you must lose big.
Are you suggesting forex is a zero-sum sport?? You are a scholar and a saint. I can not think you are divulging this information to the general public!

(also your technically wrong- The loser that offered me my position required profit when I went into drawdown and the loser that purchased my position back exited his trade for a profit later too. yayyy markets!)

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As there are a lot of intelligent players and not one of them needs to lose, I don't see how they would not speculate any inclination to manipulate the orderflow.
Why don't you piece together your very first stage for this little gem to discover your answer.

edit:forgot my tinfoil hat