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Thread: Win or lose 100 pips. Place your bets.

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    Any point or benefit in using bar charts?
    What is important in this method is to concentrate on price movement at support and resistance areas. Gray bars are less distracting personally than bars on these charts.

    My focus is on confirming that price has stopped breaking out and has started to reverse. Have to ch one change daily to grab 100 pips.

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    This is quite true, can not state it better. The time once I ceased thinking in risk/rewards I became successful. Markets can only do three things, they go up, they go down or they don't proceed. A trader by means of a stop of 500 and a tp of 10 can be much more successful than a trader using a halt of 10 pips and a tp of 10 pips. It is just simple math - probabilities.
    Markets move. Occasionally they move a small and occasionally they go a lot.

    Chances are you are like me and your account isn't large enough to move the market. Since Mark Douglas states we must rely on other people to go the market for us to make our commerce a winner. In case method or our system provides us an edge what we must do is trade when signal or the installation arises. Each trade is exceptional. Although the chart patterns can match exactly, 1 trade wins and another loses because other men and women are involved and no indior may tell us what the other traders will do.

    After studying Mark's novels and watching his movie repeatedly, it has finally sunk in. I will trade by flipping a coin. It is not about risk management at all. It is not about money management. It is much easier. If heads means to buy and tails means to sell short you input lengthy when price is moving up and you input brief when price is moving down. All you have to do is determine which way price is moving.

    You know the feeling of entering a trade and having price move against you, don't you? The next time, before you enter a trade appearance and see in which price is relative to candle or the bar. See if price is reversing off the high or low, or if price is breaking through. Enter the trade after determining what price is doing. You'll be amazed at your own success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Found a no-nonsense sr indior. Now it's over 100 pips a day.

    where can we do this indior and the best way to use??

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