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Thread: Lagging Indiors -vs- Leading Indiors

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    Lagging Indicators -vs- Leading Indicators

    Why do people question why they have lagging outcomes and follow indiors that is lagging? And, do indiors product effects? And, by the way, what does a trade look like? You'll hear someone say, that has been a darn good trade. What does that mean and how is a trade actually defined over the long term? For that matter, what does a trade that is bad actually look like?

    Inside this thread, I expect to research one of the most important questions that any trader should really be asking:- How can I know what good and bad trades seem?

    - What does a lagging indior actually tell me about the market?

    - Why is a leading indior distinct and when can I trust it?

    - Can I trading on purpose, or just to earn a profit?

    - What does success as a trader actually look like?

    - Could I actually go from $5k to $100 m as a private individual trader?
    It appears to me after all the years, that people continue to do exactly the very same things, over and over and over again, while expecting a different outcome. - Trading a lagging indior, just because it is there!

    - Trading a lagging indior, just because divergence was current!
    Think about it. For trading a indior all other reasons can be contained by one of these truisms. Is that enough advice for trading a indior ? I don't think so, and within this thread, I expect to make it clear that the term is entirely based upon what does not exist and can not. Yet, when people traditionally trade a lagging indior, they really believe (erroneously ) that what they are trading has been really confirmed by the market, which is absolutely not true.

    Thus, what is left to trade?

    The trusty Leading Indior! - When you trade a indior, you are actually trading that which may be mathematically established as with a specific likelihood ranging between low, medium or large.

    - If you trade a leading indior, you by definition will always be set up before the market.

    - When you trade a leading indior, you by definition will always have probabilistic control within your risk, because you will always have a clearly defined cease level that is not merely guessed at, but probabilistically derived as a important component of the indior itself (built-in risk control).

    - If you trade a leading indior, you are by definition taking a contrarian position connected to lagging indiors.

    - If you trade a leading indior, your results are instant connected to the time-frame selected (one of my favorite bi-products).
    More on this later.

    First, what does a good trade seem like? Straightforward, a trade is any trade where the trader walks away without losing capital. However, a trade that is good, although not a poor trade, is not necessarily an optimal trade and trading that is best is what separates the men from the boys and the girls from the girls.

    Thus, what does a bad trade seem like? More simple. It is one where the trader walks away with less trading capital than they had before they entered the place. Losing capital is not enjoyable, but hey - it will happen to the traders. However, a losing trade, although not a good or trade, if never become a astrophic trade where irreparable harm is done to the trading account, or even the trader's psyche.

    So, clearly, the secret to effective trading, would be to create more best trades, than poor trades and no astrophic at any time. Doing this, places the trader on the side of the equity curve. However, how? How is this accomplished in a universe of Bucket Shops trading platforms along with an apparent failure rate of nearly 95%! Seems like quite a daunting challenge, but achievement is not merely wished for, it egized and is intended as a matter of business for the wise trader.

    The secret to long-term trading achievement, is to consistently link decent trading decisions with great cash management, without getting jaded or allowing self to push the confidence level to the purpose of plogical disconnect in the realities of calculated risk. If you can manage that bundle, then you can be a trader, long term.

    In my next visit to this particular thread....
    Defining the Range of a trade controlling the plogy of a poor trade Developing a route towards developing capital on a regular basis
    Until then, have a look at this movie but make sure you lower you speaker volume (warning!) To something you attention defy without driving yourself mad. To using indiors the key is to comprehend that come and go in the form of patterns, contingent on the frequency of inputs into the market at any particular time. Change the frequency, alter the pattern of this market and change the transaction expectations.

    The thing to know here, is that embedded within the dense fog of what appears to be arbitrary market chaos, there resides an extremely structured universe containing many different patterns that replie with varying degrees of frequency and uniformity. Failure to comprehend this happening about the markets, is failure to optimize trades that are good. And, in the end, it's the optimization of trades that lead to trading achievement.

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    Annually on and Jets stuff will still be of use. It is great his points are carefully considered IMHO.

    As for Lots of the naysayers they will look and feel very silly one day

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    A pleasant and well composed thread, there are lots of advoing to use only indiors because indiors are lagging behind price and major indiors are better because they predict the future? Some folks don't want to use any indiors so which ones are the best? leading or lagging? The reality is that no one is best because there is not any method to predict the market to any fantastic extent with either lagging or major indiors used alone, the only thing that we can be fairly sure of is that the market will be moving up and down in a zigzag formation wheter it's an uptrend or downward tendency or sideways, here is where the oscillator comes into messure the cycles swing highs and lows, sure it's a lagging indior but it can also provide leading information such as divergence so lagging indiors is not all bad, no one should be using a single indior to trade with because it's not sufficient to make a good trade, you might believe that a good trade is great when you made money from it? No it is not, even if you win the trade it can still be a bad trade that will loose you money over the long term, a good trade is a trade that consistently leaves us money if we at any time to run it over and over again, so how do we accomplish this, there's lots of ways, we can use different indiors but the main issue is to search for is confluenses where many distinct types of indiors are indiing exactly the identical thing, that would be a high likelihood trade where the likelihood of getting it right more than not is rather high, so that is a great trade, even when it loose! Because such transactions will win you money a lot more than 50%,you can never expect any single indior alone, it doesnt matter if it's lagging or leading, but if you have 5 or more of them on your chart and they are all telling you to go brief, the probability you're right are a lot higher.

    - What does a lagging indior actually tell me about the market?

    They tell you where the market was in the past but allows you see it even more clear than simply looking at price bars

    - What makes a major indior distinct and when can I trust it?

    A leading indior dont lag behind, it's predicting future movements,
    they can certanly do that, but they aren't correct all the time and no leading indior is sufficient to constantly produce winning trades

    - Are you currently trading on purpose, or simply to make a profit?

    I hope you're trading to make a profit

    - What does success as a trader actually look like?

    If you can always grow your acount you're experiencing success,
    but dont believe it will happen in just a few trades, you require alteast 100 trades until you even can view any consistency with your system, be patiant, it's normal to have losses, you'll have many in a row but that doesnt mean your system stinks, you want to provide it a very long time to demone it self, use money control then the losses will be small and they won't affect your head in a negative manner

    - Would I go from $5k to $100 m as a personal individual trader?

    Yes you can, there's no limit to how far you can go, but it takes disipline self wisdom and patiance and also a lot of hard work

    However, is that sufficient advice for trading a lagging indior with long-term success? No single indior used alone can make you succesful,

    instead use many distinct indiors calculating distinct things such as pivots fibs sr oscillation, ma fibs, provide demand zones 00's and much more,

    its a bad idea to get a lot of indiors based on the same calculation,
    including CCI RSI Stoch MoM, take your best pic and only use the one that you like most.

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    useless thread. Indiors in trading systems indie the loions that replie whilst the market keeps on going. When you identify the loion that reproduces itself you can use statistics to create an assumption of where the price will be going.

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    Do not make things complied
    attempt trading with a little amount
    Would you profit in 6 months or one year into your trading?
    If yes
    you can add the amount of money on your trading account in accore with your ability
    just simple like that


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