Let us start.

Until you learn anything else, find out about the trendlines, supports and resistance, read a bit about the Foreign Exchange and also the major driving variables, focus on this news (even when you are planning to be a technical trader)

Indiors. They do not work. Stage
however you may use them for guie, (e.g. Moving averages, you can use for directions)

Support and resistance(need ) can be defined and explained in various ways so make certain that you look into that. For example some people draw the horizontal line opening and closing of candles or range bars, some people draw it at the end of their greatest candles and now you are probably thinking. . The exchange has a turnover of almost $4T daily it cant be based on supply and demand or when you are trading you dont care about demand and supply. Well heres a news flash Foreign Exchange is also a collection of other financial instruments where supply and demand is heavily taken into consideration and the fact that businesses are also basing things on the value of money.

Currently the experience piece. STARE AT THE CHART(be dedied differently find a different job), which means it's possible to train your eyes, nobody else will be able to let you know this works or this doesn't. It's entirely up to you.

Now il give you all of the greatest secret. This is how I figured out exactly what works for me. What's a system? (not taking risk management into account yet)

I wrote this all quickly so forgive my poor sentences. Don't hesitate to ask questions or disagree and suggest something different.