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Thread: BatFink Trading Strategy

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    I've been investing a lot of time over the last few months in relation to generating Daily Range egies that always return positive outcomes.

    Micardo has a ribbon on Daily Range egies that is worth the time to read. I've begun a new thread here, so to not confuse the continuing thread of Micardo's and focus around the Batfink System.

    Attached is a record I have assembled that uses one of these egies. I've chosen this one to keep the risk low and limit reverse transactions and drawdown of account. I have also added visual indiors for your own system and directions are found in the attached file.

    Don't hesitate to provide suggestions of improvement for this particular system or modify for your own use. Sending this out to the masses for analyzing and thinking up further improvements can only improve.

    Adding a number of indiors etc isn't actually the gist of the system and the final thing I need is that this system go down the incorporating so many bloody indiors thst the gist of system is missing. I'd prefer improvements to be about price action, stop-loss and trend trading advances however indior discussions are also welcome but should be pursued at the daily timeframe as any less will only miss transactions and input late.

    Don't hesitate to pull me up on any mistakes.

    For those presently using the London Open and 3 lots I am also finaliseing a record for this particular system and wil set in Micardo's ribbon as the majority of the conversation around this egy appears to be listed.


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    Hello Adios,

    Price running Beyond the 100 pip with a large amount, in the Home Line is Uncommon. For example, the price reaches 100 (4th target) pips approximately 30% and generally performs around that price give or take 20 pips. I've added an fatigue line which is sitting 160 pips away from the open.

    On trading days where price does attain the fatigue line it mostly moves directly up or down, without falling under the Home Line by numerous pips. So if a third lot was inserted it may be based on this condition. I feel any lot additional would be profitable with a trailing stop as price reaches 2nd goal and past approx 50% of the time. You are currently facing a 90 pips loss on any transactions. Can you handle that mentally to be able to get into a trade again with the day?

    Good ideas, together with the Pivots and Fibs but now I am trying to keep it simple but please post if you include this to the system and the success you have.

    Constituting Pairs:
    Risk One - significance 40 pip entry

    Risk Two - significance 25 pips entry
    EUR/USD *
    AUS/USD *
    EUR/AUD *
    EUR/CAD *
    EUR/AUS *

    The Astrix means that I'm not confident that these pairs work for the system. This is established no testing aside from the EUR/USD that I am just not sure about yet.


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    Here is a couple of examples in which the price hit the fatigue line and proceeded pretty up from the Home Line, it was also in a fashion in the time from the 22nd of November to the 1st of December, the cable struck the fatigue line 5 times. However on many times it would have been stopped out from the observation stop. So if you were adding a 3rd lot for this particular target you'd need a more tracking stop on it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Enter buy trades only
    Buy 2 lots 1.2174
    set stop loss at 1.2144
    Take profit one 1.2189 transfer stoploss to 25
    Close second lot if price reaches 1.2234
    For some reason my USD/CHF chart doesn't match up to your buy line entry. Its off by 10 pips. Which means instead of having this...

    Outcomes = Trades (15 -10) (15 26) = 46 lt;==Your End of Day results
    I would get this...

    Outcomes = Trades (-30) (15 26) = 11

    I wonder why the Buy entry line is off

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    Just ensure that your occasions are right. 00:00 open should be aligned with by the HomeLine.

    Chart Attached

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    Batfink fad change indior various
    Can there be two distinct fad change indiors I am not discovering
    the one which is attached into the picture

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    Attached is a ZIP file off the new indiors. Save all of them (bar the last which is a template) into you indiors folder. Add the previous one (BatFink Series [1] risk one) into your templates folder.

    Then open you MT4 and shed down on templetes and open Series [1] risk 1 template. The configurations that were templete are set for broker time GMT 2. So if you broker time is different you'll need to modify these.

    The BatFink Trend indior is a streak of CCI phases which I have been working with for the machine. Basically they're distinct heights of risk/reward for transactions. I will give more detail of this when I have modified the explenation at a new PDF I am organising.

    The massive number dots are basically Woody CCI patterns which are something that I use and have additional. These will get more explanation too in the approaching PDF.

    I have attached a chart of what your chart should look like once you have added these.

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    Is anybody trading this particular method? How has it been doing? It seems like a excellent egy but this thread just died off, so that I really don't know that this method is losing money or what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is anybody trading this method? How has it been doing? It appears to be a excellent egy but this thread just died off, therefore that I don't understand that this system is losing money or what.

    I exchange this system but I'm personally attached to it so that I understand all the problems around the systems. I don't trade the machine mechanically but when I backtested the machine over 6 weeks of data it was profitable (only using mechanical principles ). A few of the problems that occur when using this technique are around a few false, small breaks of the entry lines that stop out before a bigger break and small ranging days. For Intra day, Daily Range Strategy I feel this system is almost spot on, in connection with how far to enter away from the open, and profit levels.

    How do I exchange the systems?
    I exchange it with discretion but still keep the foundation of this rule. That's Trade at entry lines, stop losses and take profits. The discretion is about the CCI filter, Daily Range left in daily, Price Action on the Daily Chart and Robust
    support and resistance levels on the Daily Chart this comprises Monthly High and Lows. In addition, I make sure I understand what fundamentals are on for daily, how strong they are and also the effect on the next days direction.

    I have been using the CCI for some time today, so I understand how to exchange with this. I have 4 periods in my own CCI indior,6, 14, 50 and 100. I use the 100 to determine longer term tendency. I use 50 as my commerce direction, meaning I do not take a transaction unless the 50CCI is on the face of this trade. I use 6 and 14 for early indiion of commerce forming and possible early entry if 14 breaks against a strong tendency and yields to it on the hour chart.

    The 50CCI I exchange direction and the 100CCI long term trend on the hour chart. Though I use the 100CCI for long term fashion I use it to track the 50CCI. When the 50 CCI breaks away fast from the 100 then it is more than likley due for a retrace or dip to allow the 100 ch up. If they split up together it is a more reliable and substainable move.

    So far as filtering small moves this is done with the CCI indior however on the 15 minute chart. Additionally, I lay ADX indior on top of it with a 14 period. I just have the ADX showing no DI or DI. I use this to show the strength of 15 minute direction forming. What we will need to look out for on the CCI is overbought, oversold (over 200 lineup on the CCI) as soon as the tendency is poor or poor.

    I also look for the 100 ont he 15 chart above or close to the 300 lineup for an overbougt alert. I will more than likley not exchange this unless its a break from a strong fundamental. The entry today revealed the 100CCI on the 15 minute chart near the 300 line. The next example chart shows Friday entry with all the 100CCI on the 300 line.

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    Wanted to post a more detailed visual to the CCI confirmation. This image
    is the 15 minute chart and shows how we'd wait for transaction working with the CCI.

    We also had confirmation of the 50CCI on the hourly chart in a buy direction.

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