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Thread: BatFink Trading Strategy

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    Could un confirm with the batfink indior(Home line). Why it draw line at close pub at 0000GMT(I use at ibfx setting -7) at h1. Supposedly it should draw line at open pub 0000GMT rite way at broker open time? If dont mind can u change it at receptive price at GMT 0000. Then another indiors will follow also. .

    Let mention: GMT 0000 open price 2.0800

    so....home line shall draw line at 2.0800...


    I want to use it at GBP/JPY pair. . .the principles are under:

    Open price at 0000: 230.00. .then place order 50 pip from open price.

    BUy Order: 230.50 TP 240.00
    Sell Order: 229.50 TP 229.00
    SL: 75

    hope I can test and utilize your indiors in egy...

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    How was the result of this system? Struggling??

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    I can't remember how long I tested it to Get so my results Aren't important

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    How can I placing moment for London open. My broker Time is GMT, my regional Time GMT 2. Thank you for response.

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    Thank you Don,

    I think it is purley range that you may rely on 100%, with good cash management.


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