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Thread: $ For the Week of 11/13-With Trade Ideas

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    $ For the Week of 11/13-With Trade Ideas

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    The Thinking Turns Around So speedy

    Obviously, China has the capacity to have a very important impact on where currencies are going, on account of their vast reserves of dollars. Their statements are enough to send the markets into a frenzy-if a frenzy can be defined as 100 pip moves and dividing of resistances.

    The simple fact is that the US needs to improve the trade imbalance with China. They are gettin too strong and we are getting too weak and that does not sit well for the world in general.The elections may have been a partial referandum on that-there is an understanding here that people are shedding jobs in part because of it (although the BLS claims that job growth is powerful ). The assignment at treasury of paulson is to improve the circumstance. How can the situation be improved?

    Well, the democrats will probably be calling for tariffs. It is polictically hot and it makes them seem like they're doing something that the overall population wants. In a geo-political and market perspective it the worst thought. We need China as an allie and we need them as a market for our goods and services. Tariffs consistently make another country angry and I don't think anyone in power really wants to see tariffs. The threat of tariffs is an important weapon that we need to keep in our back pocket. If I can make an analogy to the war, the threat of tariffs is to an economic cold war because the threat of atomic weapons were to the cold war. The threat of the usage is a deterent that gets the other hand to come to the table and we do need for them to come to the table.

    Ideally, we'd like to see China float it's currency in the free market, but that is not gonna happen anytime in the not too distant future. They are still means they're free-market in anything that matches them and unfree-market in anything that does not. The Yuan trades in a defined range that they control, so any movement happens very slowly. The Yuan can love, but only at a speed that they restrain.

    We can weaken the $. This can happen in two primary ways: CB intervention and market movement. I'm not sure the CB wants to be in the company of doing so and that I tend to believe that overall, many economists and market participants believe that things are better done in the free market. The government has tremendous control over the market percieves reality. They put all of the numbers out and we have seen how numbers can be put out one method and revised entirely opposite on. They can definately exert control over the price of oil, that's the principal factor in restraining inflation. So there's a lot the gov't can do behind (and before ) the scenes to push the market toward $ devaluation.

    My view? The growing trade problem does need to be addressed and I believe that is already in the process. It may not be completely fixed but maybe it's rate of growth can be slowed somewhat and I believe that overall, China does desire the Yuan to love (slowly and at a controlled manner ) because it's in their best interests as well. They need us to be pleased with them also. The worst thing that may happen (from this perspective) is to get the Fed is increase or even sabotage to increase rates and I believe the gov't is trusting with all it's might that the threat of inflation will slow and that the rate of expansion will stay low so that the Fed can continue to stay on hold or maybe decrease. I also believe that they can do a lot more the trust.

    How do I as a fundamental trader seem to exchange in the immediate term? Well, I believe that any US numbers that are released in a $- way have the capacity be firmly $-. . .more so then customary. I think after a $ movement watch for that 25, that amounts have the capacity to reverse at a negative manner.

    Watch for any indiions that additional CB's might be raising (I know, we do that aready but it's much more important today ). Here's one more thing that I think will probably be incredibly important:

    If that did happen there will be close equal appreciation in the GBP and EURO, with the GBP into the 9600's and the EURO at the 3200's.

    *Watch for any indiion that China is willing to widen the band where it enables the Yuan to exchange. It'll signal immediate $ weakness to the near term, because any move to free up movement that is Yuan is a direct effort to allow Yuan appreciation/$ depreciation.

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    Appears To Be a Very Thin Session:

    Unless we have something unexpected-it seems like a slow seesion. The GBP traded in a 50 pip range thru London so much and the EUR traded more narrowly. The GBP is not going to do this today with any conviction and couldn't break 8900.

    It is a real push-pull situation with all CB's basically on the exact same page. It was much more easy the last couple of months when the BoE looked to raising a 2nd time next year-those expectations have waned considerably.

    Unless some bombshell news comes out, only for fun and also to keep your hand in the market-if u do watch the GBP up near 8900, u might consider a tiny short position and likewise attempt a long if it goes in the 20-30 place, but do not expect much either way.

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    With all the PPI, CPI and Retail sales all down this week you may need to think that the Home would be down too. Of coarse the quote is down from last month therefore is it likely to do anything if it comes at a bit lower? If it comes in I think we'll see some movement in the GBP maybe. If it comes in far higher I think we could see a new low for the day? What do u think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Well with all the PPI, CPI and Retail sales all down this week you would need to believe that the Housing would be down also. Of coarse the quote is down from last month therefore is it likely to do anything if it comes at a bit lower than quote? In case it comes in far lower I believe we will see some movement in the GBP possibly. In case it comes in far higher I believe we could observe a new low for the afternoon? What do u think?
    Does anybody know if Housing moves the JPY also, because its just moved 40 pips total today and a bad number would keep it in its station its been in all week?

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    The Fundies Rule Again:

    The housing data (6 year lows) and the fall in oil was enough fundamental news to push the nicely lower. . .once the very best price in the GBP from before trading has been busted the sky was the limit. . .so the trading advice from the London session combined with the new fundamental data could have allowed for an excellent trade if you followed . Looks like the best trade of the week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Fundies Rule Again:

    The housing data (6 year lows) and the fall in oil was sufficient fundamental news to push the nicely lower. . .once the very best price from the GBP from before London trading has been broken the sky was the limit. . .so the trading advice in the London session combined with the new fundamental data could have allowed for a superb trade in the event that you followed it. Seems just like the best trade of the week...
    ya if u were in front of the pc, which most people were not I think.... grumble grumble...

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    Yeah I guess u do have to be on ur pc in order to exchange...

    We're seeing the beginning of some advice which may show how things could go:

    The article also says Poole could see housing get worse and that it might start spilling over, slowing US growth further.

    This article shows how the IMF see's world growth:

    We could be seeing a number of the push/pull with interest rates and economies that actually can drive currencies wild.

    We also might have observed something in the market today that could be really ideal for newstraders.

    Did u see that the movement off the housing number was relatively slow? Made me believe that the market was not going to react to it. Obviously, there was a big response in currencies but in bonds too. It is all over BB that currencies and bonds reacted off this number as well they should have, given the weakness of this report and the importance that the Fed places on it.

    Why would the response not have been the fast spikes we are utilized to? I don't know, but I'm sure I don't need to inform you that a slower response is much simpler to trade in relation to matches, stops, etc.,. Maybe because the movement was slower and steadier, the market did not endure. (yeah I know-this was just one number report without revisions). I'd love to see the reports go like this.

    Scanning a GBP chart from the London open revealed that price never obtained above 8880, in which it sold from. That turned out to be an important level, since the housing number came out so the floodgates actually opened , before settling around 50, as the GBP obtained all the way to 8970. What was intriguing was that it took a bit more then 30 minutes to so so, but after that. . .wow. The same thing occurred with the majors too.

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    But on trading you ll make errors and loose money =-RRB- you have to be sure of something. Act also Based on the maket NEWS heheheehe


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