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Thread: Do Not Yell At Me For Discussing Fundamentals

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    As for ccy pairs; I guess my safest bet is still USD/CAD, only because the US is a power glutton, Cad has lots of it (both oil and power); to some large extent Canada has solved the problem of Medicare (big potential for disaster there in the US with all the elections heating up), a budget surplus, a greater reliance on commodity exports, etc., etc.. Downside risk of course is that the US is currently the biggest trading partner of Cad, down any difficulty in the states will find it's way north. .
    This sooo makes me desire to go to Canada right now

    Your take on England sounds stressing and I think you are right about the Eurozone things - there has been a few backstage upheaval about the EUR thing, but largely from Sarkozy. Have not kept up to date on that however.
    Last I heard even though we all know the we're largely an exporting country myth which in turns appears to need weak EURUSD, there has been no real clamoring except by the usual politicians hoping to play with the we can't compete with auto sales valued in JPY at this EURJPY rate card to acquire some small folks nods. . .not that anything matters are said by the politicians.

    Trichet and the ECB are called on to truly stay vigilant and keep the real problems in focus and I'm curious as to what the neighborhood response will be later on about this entire mess. . .as you said, more people have dallied in this entire poisonous CDO mess than like to acknowledge and one of our major credit funding institutionathingies basically had to step in for a branch of a bank thing or alternative (lacking both the english words and the facts here, read the short article some time back) in order not to have it collapse beneath this entire mortgage wreck. A lot of more local banks also put their money into it...

    same matter as the past few months however, no thought how comprised or ignored this all can stay so long as the machine keeps handing itself saving paper around and around. .

    But hey - I'm the chart man anyhow, I don't understand how this all works way =-RRB-

    But I don't mind learning

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This sooo makes me want to move to Canada right now
    Don't forget the 50% tax rate that you'll be paying to reside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not forget the 50% tax rate which you're going to be paying to reside there.

    *unpacks luggage*

    *checks internet for options*

    Away to Dubai it is then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    *unpacks bags*

    *assesses internet for alternatives*

    Off to Dubai it is then!
    Damn, stay away! We got here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Same thing as the past couple of months though, no idea how contained or dismissed this all can stay so long as the machine keeps handing itself saving paper around and around. .

    But hey - I am the chart guy anyhow, I do not understand how this works either way =-RRB-

    But I do not mind learning
    We are in precisely the exact same boat, simply pulling on diffrent oars Fundamentals are really up in the air atm, especially as new skeletons come out of the cupboard, so the real battle is on the chart lines.

    BTW - do not worry about the tax entity in Canada, that's just the top marginal rate. And it has to be balanced against benefits, which can be:

    1)better beer (assuming you are in the US)
    2)free medical attention, so you can get drunk, fall down, crack your skull, and still no worries....
    3)good social guie, so that when you blow off your account you can still go out for 1), do 2), and still have no worries....

    Also keep in mind that no less than Mark Twain remarked that Cad women were the loveliest in the world. That place is getting a bit old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    3)good social guie, so that when you blow your account you can still go out for 1), do 2), and have no worries....
    Partial to Molson Brador, once I could get, which isn't often. So my head is safe.

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    Now WHAT ABOUT THAT testimony?

    A bunch of gentlemen creating serious faces pretenting to know that a matter they haven't any clue what's about being commented by 3 gentlemen pretending they've the entire situation figured out.

    Moral Hazard? MORAL HAZARD? What the hell is that? As Paulson said throughout the testimony we do not actually know how to define moral hazard

    For some misterious conclusion, dollar went down and fulled my own euro longs and that has been my week already. Taking any trades for me after this Great week could be ... a moral hazard

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    Just wanted to upgrade - I think it was the IKB I referred to in my last post.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sticking to losses abroad -- caused by investments when the German bank IKB imploded two weeks ago, it was disclosed that they had about $17 billion in subprime exposure and had lost $3 billion. IKB held these assets at a conduit, which is a version of a special-purpose thing that banks use to possess credit. More to the point, conduits are financed in the commercial-paper market. Therefore, in addition to credit risk, it sounds to me as if they're borrowing short and lending long, which is dangerous when your assets are illiquid.

    Also I rather think in Elliot Waves inducing the climbing in EURUSD (they give pretty goshdarn precise entries(20-30 pip stop) if one is so fortunate enough to learn where to search for setups) than in anybody's speech. (alternatively I'll go with interest rate hikes to come still and buffer left at the return curve versus a cutting fed, i.e. interest rates and long term egies of banks, anything really, not silly day to day newswire firing-outs of one liners, ch-eye headlines and we all want someone to click us we create our daily fluffefefefef because many people seem to crave it..that sort of things is actually tiring in the long run..every chart tick gets pre-and post-explained by every column onto the cables ever printed sometimes it sounds. . .wheat and chaff, the way to tell in that sort of environment?)

    Even the Commerzbank seems to use it to state 1.4130 was an EW target.
    Well, nothing better than attempting to decipher news articles and whatnot(I try, oh I try..but I guess I remain a sinner)...I just finished reading three moneycentral articles, which subsequently stated

    1. Http:// guy called Satyajit Das who's seemingly in a dire need to market his book and thus is doom and gloomin' up it madly in almost any interview)

    2. Http:// (FreddiFannie hand-in-hand solution / Bush mortgage bailout, along with the subtle hints of come watch the author of this article LIVE! At our cash show! Did we mention the names of THESE FIVE GREAT BARGAIN STOCK SHARE NAMES!!?!!??! Let us repeat 'em once more!)


    4. Pick any other arbitrary article picking among the two to flip-flop involving

    5. Meantime the charts do their own thing(yea yea, do not bash me for always advertisements charts, my point is: whether the roadshow advertisements and inventory spam flood reports can not decide on which headline will cause most readers this week around, the charts actually try to reflect reality, whatever sick, twisted and to me incomprehensible reasoning is attempting to hide behind it. In the event the' truth is tough to come by in the first place AND you are surrounded by reporters who report names attempting to seem capable, who to the eye can't be of any use in the event 1. The trustworthyness of this author is undetermined and 2. The opportunity for a judgement and evaluation if he were/is is still lt; 100% and 3. Any new mini-event, decision and speech can completely overrule the latter 2? Charts in turn upgrade reality at least around once every other moment, are unwavering in their history and even when faking out they are still doing it for/to everyone alike...I am simply not smart enough to get more than that I am starting to fear. . .or maybe not capable to be complied to be able to find the/stage. . .and that is saying something given the way I chart lol)


    But actually I just wanted to mention the bank I meant was the IBK one.

    (P.S. my compassion for anybody not only needing but needing to sort through all those reports in the first place - the one thing I can imagine being more annoying than not knowing who to anticipate is already knowing so and knowing better and then STILL needing to read the most evident blatant misgivings/lie/BS/misinterpretations/opposite of economics logic 101 you have ever seen day to day. .)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Now WHAT ABOUT THAT testimony?

    A lot of gentlemen making serious faces pretenting to understand a matter they have no clue what's about being commented by 3 gentlemen pretending they have the whole situation figured out.

    Moral Hazard? MORAL HAZARD? What the hell is that? As Paulson said throughout the testimony we do not really know how to define moral hazard

    For many misterious conclusion, dollar went down and fulled my euro longs which was my week. Taking any trades for me following this Wonderful week would be ... a moral hazard
    I am kinda partial to moral hazards myself
    BTW, it's almost like you can follow the progress of the hearings about the euro charts, it keeps rising while people begin to realize that there may be difficulty in the offing, and they fall asleep

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