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Thread: NFP Feb 2

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    NFP Feb 2

    What should you expect?

    The January payrolls report must be an excellent one, supported by a variety of special factors. Our bias is to get an above-consensus estimate. However, there are many statistical issues it might be a total surprise in both directions. Forecasters have traditionally done a lousy job in forecasting the results. It is going to likewise be very difficult to interpret the characters on the launch itself. This might also impact market reactions and turnarounds in directions some minutes following the release are an opportunity.

    by KBC Bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    this chart should help show how the Fibonacci Price Projection makes it possible to understand when to put your Take Profits
    wow you can post a chart lol, which explains nothing bro, no offence. U may want to explain Somewhat longer because im sure everyone had the fibs out there as well, or at least I did.

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    Are you missing the boat? People on this tread I believe missed the boat.
    Because I have read these remarks of non Farm did not do very well or the market moved before the release or how they only maintained 12-17 pips on the move. I managed to capture 56 pips on my trade and my order was closed about 3 pips from its high summit today,

    I entered last night at about 11:00 pm Est I had been a fully aware what the market was likely to you ask? I use the Fibonacci Price Extention tool. I use a charting program (not a brokers charts) that has it as a tool and that I capture all my Take Profit transactions utilizing it. View the screen shot of the market called the move I did not even trade Non Farm how most of you attempted. I had been well aware of what was before it even did it to occur.

    The point I am making is, once you've got a idea of what the market will do you dont need to worry about what you are going to do! If this makes sense.

    Hope that this helps

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    this chart should help reveal how the Fibonacci Price Projection helps you know when to place your Take Profits

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    wow you can post a chart lol, that explains nothing bro, no offence. U may want to explain a bit longer because im sure everyone had the fibs on the market as well, or at least I did
    Ghost your exactly right about his post. He could not know in advance most importantly that the post about EU IR would emerge, and then what the numbers are, then on the revisions. Trading was all fundamental and had nothing to do with charts or anything else specialized for that matter. Actually most technician. Amounts were breached (In the case of EUR/USD) and also the reason most went long. I made my pips on the short side and not gaming since the guy making claims did.

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    Is anyone using a non-dealing desk and receiving better executions during NFP compared to their prior experience using a dealing desk?


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    got to become FXCM

    I got in and was up about 50 pips, T/S didn't work, and my S/L changed from -15 to around -515 when I attempted to spare some pips.

    up by 50 pips I closed the trade had to wait the broker, had to go potty and my close was offered at a lower price while I had been outside of the area.

    BUT about the brighter side I got out with 22 pips.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    No change in spread? I bet that their are a thousand traders who would beg to disagree. Facts are facts... Oanda spreads get very large during all news releases. The free ride is all finished with them and you must move on. You decided going with a variable spread broker. To each his own.
    Yes got it!!!

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    Curious; does anyone have any clue as to why GBPUSD recovered from 1.9640 at 9:28 to 1.9670 in only a tick?

    EURUSD didnot recuperate now...

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    Could it be that, the US economy is really moderating and isn't as rosy as everybody think it is, and that's why USD dropped which caused cable to rise. But for euro, there was a rumour out of marketwatch about ECB's rate hikes, and that subsequently caused the euro to remain where it is.

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