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    VTTrader: Cms

    I was wondering if anybody uses CMS to trade? Anyone have bad or good comments on these?



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    Then place your cash in a savings account and do not be concerned about it.
    Please take the opportunity to browse the threads concerning different brokers. And do you base your opinions? Simply take a big enough data base with the sample collection you want to concur with the cause the writer is currently writing on, and you will always come up.

    The amount of people have stung this week moved the went gold and it drops 3 bucks in 1 session and again in less then 48 hours. And they will whine and try to sue someone over their lack of descretion and knowledge not taking reponsiblity for their activities.

    Point is, do it your self and you are going to have true formula that is appropriate for you.

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    Here's a solution I believed, but not certain if it would work. Set-up a trading computer at your house and set up an account with, and you can then log in to your pc at home in the work. This could possibly have the ability to bypass the filters. Anyone know if this could work? Can IT discover this?
    Other possible options 1) trade during a different market sessions apart from the one during your work day - it may be an effective trader without having to trade during working hours. Get Rob Booker's new book The Currency Trader's Handbook which has suggestions about the best way to make 10 pips every day. If you're able to do that daily you will do well. 2) Establish limit orders w/stops on your home computer before you go to work. 3) Research with either a handheld or cell phone with internet access. 4) Buy a laptop and use wireless internet card and use it at work. I think that the best way is trade during other market sessions whenever you're at home - much less risky. This is link to major market hours:,0,1,0,5

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey Guys,

    I am a newbie and have a unique, or at least strange circumstance. I work full time and in order to trade I am going to need to track my trades. My problem is that the net filters at work, although I have Internet access in the work. The net filters search to obstruct. Among the things that they obstruct is any reference to trading or day trading. I cannot even pull up some of the broker websites.

    Anyone have any solutions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi ,

    Thank you so much for all the details, since I'm very early in the stage of demo trading, not quite sure what does it mean white Label? Josephine
    You can imagine it as sub-leasing, or kinda like if you buy a Crafstsman Drill at Sears, you are really buying a Black and Decker using a Sears label on it. (I could have said a pig with lipstick, but that doesn't quite fit here)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You can think of it as sub-leasing, or rather like if you buy a Crafstsman Drill in Sears, you are really buying a Black and Decker using a Sears tag on it. (I could have stated a pig with lipstick, but it does not quite fit here)
    Mr Whipple,

    Do you believe the amount of CMS white Labels along with the amount of Gateways serched @ Login 5 together with the most recent version released this weekend are perhaps related?

    I am unsure about this as I would expect to get logged in through precisely the exact same gateway to the identical brker every time but this isn't the case.

    Or is that the increasing number of Gateways just an advancement on the Disconnect issues?

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    Joyful Easter or Just satisfied weekend,

    I have a question, I have had the same broker since I started trading. Never had an issue. Could you explain more about withe label and number of gateways? I am in the dark on these... thanks SMJ

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Mr Whipple,

    Do you believe that the number of CMS white Labels and the number of Gateways serched @ Login 5 together with the latest version released this weekend are possibly related?

    I'm not sure about this as I'd expect to get logged in via precisely the same gateway to exactly the identical brker each time but this is not the situation.

    Or is that the increasing number of Gateways just an improvement on the Disconnect issues?

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    I don't have any Idea. I'd guess they wouldn't like to divulge that sort of info voluntarily. I have the concept that some brokers utilize the CMS servers and a few have thier own, but who has what could be difficult to sort out.

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    I trade Forex exclusively through CMS and whilst their presentation platform had some difficulties in 2005 ( especially compressing graphical data on non-majors) it has been stable since. I've a actual account with them and their account VT trading operates on different servers as I understand it and I have not ever had any connection or connection issues that I am aware of. MT4 attempted but like the VT images and flexibility of the co and VT - site to get VT formulas indiors/systems populated with some people and is a source of ideas. Protocols that are presume exclude me posting the web-address but google virtualtrading charts and determine what you get!

    When VT opens the demo it loes 4 gateways the actual account 7 do not know the significance as I am not an IT person but perhaps this provides a stronger foundation?

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