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Thread: Elliott Wave Counting with EG

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    w4 limit was broken up on the previous non mt4 chart.

    Am trying to see whether there was a completion of the 5 wave impulse of the wave 3 up afterward a smal wave 4 afterward wave 5 as reason for this break.

    Leading to likely the continued downward movement of price.


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    with the prior wave 1 break for the wave 4 causing my urge to be invalid,

    attached chart has been modified after EW Rules.

    It looks like we are still building up for a bigger wave c up that may have a high likelihood of hitting TP 2 in the 50% retracement level at 234.38

    A harmonic pattern has already formed on the 15m chart with a maximum @ 233.97 that is also near the Daily 5SMA

    234.38 is additionally previous days HIGH.


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    Breached again

    might have to go back to previous count as what was supposed to be wave c has exceeded 161.8 relationship to tide a.

    So looking at considering 233.27 at top of tide c now.

    I would consider as a confirmation for its continued move down if price breaches the secong red line which is assumed to be the conclusion of the revised tide 1


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    Something I discovered just now.


    1 hour chart shows a precise 161.8percent connection of wave c or 3 to tide 1 or a.

    1 second chart also reveals the exact same exact proportion connection on the current wave structure.

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    looking at a revised tide count again.

    Now seeing a leading diagonal triangle


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    I have corrected my EW count again.

    Looking for a more appropriate count to match the rules.


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    sorry . I have delayed posting this because was replying to your articles.

    Will undo the order of presenting charts


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