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Thread: Igrok Method. Qs and As. Comments, thoughts and ideas

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    Anybody from old Igrok folowers Such as Belekas, MR. C or Aediaz Nevertheless succesfully trading the Machine?

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    Any brand new templates involving your brand new book The Art of forex trading versus Beat the odds in FX trading ??

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    Anyone trade this lucrative and where's ts ?

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .. .Good day men. Came by to say thanks to great time here in the thread of Igrok while investigating the markets. Experience, met with people but I believe now is the time to produce a step forward and begin enjoying with my own rules. Since you may have seen, a number of entry things and my numbers have nothing in common with the strategy of Igrok. I've started reducing the rules of Igrok's techniques and little by little adding my own thinking...
    Wish you a fantastic luck, lots of great disposition and happy trading! ...

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    Looks like nw we've got a foundation if EU close above 1,18092 where service is found by price for increasing.

    H1 I could not not recognized valid diamond.

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    This remains a few of my favorite setups. A combination of newly changed (per week) trend from up to down, intraday 18.1 pattern (if I remember correctly) and also a comb-like pattern forming during UK session.

    My # 1 mistake, not only in life but also in trading, was to search for one charming bullet (pattern) that will make me successful. Where they investigate planes crash if you've watched the program, you ´ ll discover that it's in most cases there's a mix of many factors. Lousy weather some thing wrong with a captain and the airplane.

    If you would like to produce a successful company, you´ll want a great product, fantastic timing, the right co-founder, and enthusiasm - to mention a few.

    Precisely the exact same arrangement goes with trading. Stacking the probabilities up is this game's title.

    I don´t understand why I´m so chatty tonight. Someone needed to hear this. Been a long time since I printed here

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    Intraday for AUDUSD I'd anticipate 81.7 as TG roughly 120 p.

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