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Thread: Range Bars for Scalping?

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    Wow, thanks for showing your own chart trader2310!
    It resembles a clean professional set-up, I'm sure that you do good!

    Your best about the barry s/r being cluttered on the chart. Thats why I won't place a screen shot to spare everyone the hassle, lol.

    What's interesting is using 80, and 100 levels on your own 20 ema, good way to produce your preferred sized envelope bands. I also like the concept of the 100 and 25 pip horizontal lines,, after all, your using 25pip range pubs!

    Great set-up, thanks for sharing...

    I am experimenting with pivot points, like I don't know a lot about these yet, but should I find anything useful for the range pubs I will post here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Wow, thanks for showing your chart !
    It looks like a clean professional setup, I'm confident you do great!

    Your best about the barry s/r being messy on the chart. Thats why I will not place a screen shot to spare everyone the headache, lol.

    What is intriguing is using 80, and 100 levels on your 20 ema, good method to create your favorite sized envelope bands. Also I like the concept of the 100 and 25 pip horizontal lines,, after all, your using 25pip range bars!

    Great setup, thanks...
    No prob tim, btw, I have change a little bit of the atmosphere as I traded along. Using the 30 ema using 50,80,100 levels and also our great ol' friend 200 ema works much better I suppose. If prices are inside the 50,80,100 levels, its rather walking the band. If prices bounces off 50 degree, then u might find a clue where prices are going. Pivot indi's are excellent, there so many out there. . Just didnt know which one works best for your own installation. .
    Happy Trading Tim. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I watched that the Mr. Nimms egy at tsd, however I did not follow that egy, I simply put a 30per MA on the chart using Heiken i candles, got lucky on the first day demo-ing with them for 100pips. After that I thought I could just input the kind of a new candle in the oposite direction and obtained wipsawed around, so I kept trying new things until I placed the fractals in my chart, or better yet (barry support and resistance) and also have been able to scalp a few after a higher high/lower non like you said. I usually try to capture more pips by exiting on fib extensions, but it is funny coz I can not help taking a look at time based charts, and they make me nervous so I shut out my posistion way to early (nearly everytime, I hate it,, lol)
    Yeah, I tried a lot of things and methods too. After loing the last one it felt appropriate for me and and stuck with it. Changing it up to match my own style as I went along.

    I really don't enjoy the time based charts either, hah. They are far tougher for me to figure out if to enter/exit. Others have success with them but it's range bars all of the way for me personally!

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    Guess I am lost This was literally like studying Greek for me personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Guess I am missing This was literally like reading Greek for me.
    Dear david,

    Its okay. It was fixed by me. Read small about Range Bars first. The majority of us are fighting big and tiny candles. Can it be more nicer if all pubs are of identical size and they go up, down or sideways. This is the key for this.

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    They've worked for me in the past

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    I don't have any clue what you are discussing.

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