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Thread: How many pips or % to quit?

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    Someday and Mike have given you some good advice, there's also a lot of good reading material stickied in the segment.
    All that said, in the event that you truly need a few then have your stop loss at half of your take profit. This may not suite your style of trading but at least it can allow you to protect your funding.
    Good luck

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    Closed position. It is rather small lot, but since the is big wise, it is rather painful. I got in since it seem bearish until it retraces more, and I expect whipsawing. But the unexpected weakness of the dollar rather destroy everything. I froze and not behaving, although I must have gotten out @ 770. Well, for that I lose even more.

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    You shouldn't enter an exchange if you don't know where you'd get out and why. It's not possible for everyone to answer that for you behind getting in because nobody understands your intentions, along with other things. Be that as it could, based on the way that you had to go to a collecting asking for a leave methodology you ought to have been outside stretch of time. In the event you are a long haul trader and therefore are holding because you watched something diagr at that point stay that you see a turnaround, which likely occurred.

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    You clearly don't have a trading plan.
    You need clear prevent losses and very clear take profits and clear entrances.

    I suggesting forming a proper trading plan and analyzing that plan so that you know what you're getting in to.
    It's a lot easier to trade and take a loss if you know those winners are coming since you made a plan and because you analyzed a plan.

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