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Thread: anyone need help?

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    Hi I need help im currently a graduating student hoping to make some excess money in Foreign Exchange however I dont even understand wgere to start. Is there a material that can teach me the terminologies and fundamentals pf Foreign Exchange? O initially thoughy scrapping upon the idea was disregarded by reading and is the method for beginners. What path should a beginner take to learn what kind of system would be beneficial for him? Thank you
    prior to making your profitable trading egy you want to understand the fundamental of Forex! I think, babypips school is a fantastic source to begin with; moreover; it is possible to use 'Trading Discussion' section of the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Prior to making your profitable trading egy that you want to understand the fundamental of Forex! I think, babypips school is a good source to begin with; moreover; you can use 'Trading Discussion' section of this forum.
    Due Majeeda!

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    I've a sense this is a ribbon noone has posted before. I enjoy helping people. I know what it's like not to have any idea when it comes to know where to begin with this Foreign Exchange jargen. If there is anybody that has questions that they believe are too stupid to ask publically, you can PM me. If there is ask. I'll do my very best to loe it if I don't know the answer. I come here everyday looking for the newbie questions to loe someone already ansered them. I enjoy helping people. There have been so many individuals...
    I'm very new to trading FX, I understand the basics of things such as prevent losses and the best way to do a trading platform. However, I want to digest as much information as I can before opening a real account. I have watched lots of vids and a lot suggest getting a mentor? What tips would you give to someone is 100% dedied to taking trading as a career. Would training courses be just how? Or should I join a group to get signals and use them to attempt to understand how seasoned traders examine the market. Too many trips to shopping centers staring at items has got me thirsty to earn some real money, lol. Any advice is welcome, Regards.

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    Thank you for offering your help renasdad (and anybody else).

    I am sadly unable to be consistent in a egy. Every time I lose 3 or 3 times in a row, I think it doesn't work and I begin from 0. After over a year, I fight with the exact same problem and I cannot get this issue being overcome by myself.

    No matter how many egies I read on FF, if I lose couple times, I proceed. I really don't trust myself and I fight with accepting I need to think long term and that lots of losses can occur, but this is easier said than done.

    Since I've left my home country and proceeded to Asia to exchange almost full time (there's a lengthy, private story behind this choice), I am under this huge pressure to succeed and I promised myself to be in a position to do that, but because of this tension, I can't think clearly and straight anymore. Even stuff that is basic, like support/resistance, I begin what not and questioning. I am totally numb, many declines on my trading include up that I am now looking at a loss of 70%.

    At this moment, I decided to stop and search for help. And I came across this thread, hoping I will find someone who is willing to teach his way to me, I can master and be constant in since this will give confidence to me and what will begin making more sense again.

    It was perhaps not the best decision to bring my wife and baby son as well, but turning back time is sadly not an option. I wish it had been With this matter, I look forward to talking to someone who may help me out while I am trying to fix my troubles. I won't sit here and wait - I really do keep working hard but it seems that a mentor is actually required for me. Ifcliqforexis the perfect place to seek for help I am not positive, but thus far, this is.

    All the best to you.

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    I am sure this can't be done with MT4, but can the brokers time be changed into the pc time?
    They are often two or more hours different - it's an irritation when backtesting pop up signs as these alarms are always shown in local time.

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    Thank you, may I know a bit about your system? I want to learn somewhat more I had some experience currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1. When I started, when the markets were open, it was time to exchange. I don't care for Fridays and I am to the stage Mondays arent very good either. Many might not agree. It may be the way I trade.

    2. This question is. Someone else might have the ability to answer it. I think the day of thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will be dead. The day after those days might be movers. I'm not sure how exactly that works.

    3. Ranging is a great thing sometimes. If you know the area of a top, take a short. When it reaches the floor, close it (easier said than done). And I am not sure when things will be back to usual. Can I just say back to normal? Forex does not know that word. Perhaps there just needs to be some sort of interest change or some drastic news come out to push things in a specific direction.
    Thanks for the information, much appreciated! I am still interested in #2:

    Hope you do not mind me pursuing this question:

    Does anyone know exactly what days throughout the Holidays (Nov, Dec, and Jan) ought to be avoided and which may be large movers following the Holidays?

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