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Thread: anyone need help?

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    Here's a link to a site that record the opens/closes of major markets. On it states:
    After the New York Markets Close, for a period of 3 Months, during summertime, and 1 Hour through Winter (N. Hemisphere)
    No Major Forex Market has reported as being open.


    Though a major market may not be available the price can still proceed during these hours, so yes the price can move throughout your stop

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    I always hear Forex is a 24-hour market, but is there a market involving the near New York and also the open of the Asian session on weekdays? (I know it's closed the majority of the weekend)

    Specifically, I'm curious because If I placed a trade, state Tuesday, would the market potentially gap between the New York and Asian session Tuesday afternoon/evening and operate through my stop loss?

    Thanks Beforehand,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I thought I would just make a post to have this thread back to the start of the forum individuals would have a better prospect of seeing it.

    Go on and ask, I'm all ears.
    my fault...I should be the one doing this....

    always great to have people kind enough to help others out....

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    I thought I would just make a post to have this thread back to the beginning of the forum so people would have a better prospect of seeing it.

    Go ahead and ask, I am all ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    - I have read whole thread and physiology consensus was that 'greed' was primary...well fear is mine. Any suggestions to overcome the fear?
    I feel the consensus I have attained, in addition to others is that; YES greed is your primary. However, FEAR is caused by greed.

    It might not be greed how that you think of it basically, you could say people are greedy they want money. Greed = wanting more.
    Yet, in case you've got a fear of losing your money, is not that in and of itself greed? You cannot give up your money. I haven't done the way to describe this so perhaps someone else can shed the light, but greed and fear are highly intertwined.

    So how can you overcome the fear of yourself then. . .Experience/time?

    To Shed fear\greed.
    Have complete confidence on your own system (time, experience). It could not be possible for you to have absolute confidence in your system until you've got complete confidence in your self though.
    Realize you'll have draw downs. And dwell through some draw downs.

    Finally - start small... use a broker which lets buying micro lots, and begin using your machine with .5% risk, and each month of success bump up your risk a couple %. IT TAKES TIME - but it is going to teach what you can and can not do, and give you confidence.

    I have the distinct sense people aren't interested at Micro lots because in each lot, a pip is worth approximately $.10. But you can adjust it by buying a lot of lots - to fit your risk profile. A LOT O LOTS!

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    Pursue away. If there are questions you've got or anyone else has, and they are not answered right, don't hesitate to ask again. Continue until you know pursuing. That is the way you learn this substance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1. When I started, when the markets were open, it was time to exchange. I don't care for Fridays and I am to the stage Mondays arent very good either. Many might not agree. It may be the way I trade.

    2. This question is. Someone else might have the ability to answer it. I think the day of thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will be dead. The day after those days might be movers. I'm not sure how exactly that works.

    3. Ranging is a great thing sometimes. If you know the area of a top, take a short. When it reaches the floor, close it (easier said than done). And I am not sure when things will be back to usual. Can I just say back to normal? Forex does not know that word. Perhaps there just needs to be some sort of interest change or some drastic news come out to push things in a specific direction.
    Thanks for the information, much appreciated! I am still interested in #2:

    Hope you do not mind me pursuing this question:

    Does anyone know exactly what days throughout the Holidays (Nov, Dec, and Jan) ought to be avoided and which may be large movers following the Holidays?

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