Bollinger Band: lets build a egy together
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Thread: Bollinger Band: lets build a egy together

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    Bollinger Band: lets build a strategy together

    We will construct our own Bollinger Band egy by blending our minds. Let us discuss:

    - what would you believe is the ideal approach to differentiate RANGED and BREAKOUT?
    - what other indiors match the Bollinger Band?
    - what's on your adventure the ideal time for Bollinger Band?
    - what do you confirm prior entry?
    - what conditions do you believe ought to be met in the greater timeframe (before entry)?
    - what Price Action would you believe is greatest with Bollinger Band? (HnS, M, doji, other)
    - what requirements (if/else) to our Bollinger Band egy would you believe could be helpful?
    - What would be the differences between volatile penetrations of the outer bands, common trend and correction penetrations?
    - Please add as many links as you can

    - RANGED: buy on lowerband, sell on upperband
    - BREAKOUT: buy on upperband, sell on lowerband

    - only discuss if it's topic related
    - be great to each other!
    - be detailed on your own arguments!

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    I learnt a lot from YouTube videos. To discuss this, I'll point out my new ideas. What do you think?

    - what do you think is the best approach to recognize RANGED and BREAKOUT?
    Affirm with 5 indiors: overbought/oversold MFI, macd, rsi, %b and bandwidth
    confirm trend/breakout with bar procedure: when candles are slid on the outerband
    - what other indiors complement the Bollinger Band?
    MA rainbow to follow the fad. Utilize slow_MAs for risk.

    - what is in your adventure the best timeframe for Bollinger Band?
    M5 using H1 or H1 with H4.

    - exactly what do you confirm before entry?
    Trend, breakout and range.
    - exactly what conditions do you think should be met in the greater timeframe (before entry)?
    Both exactly the same direction, since you should trade in the direction of the main trend
    Both timeframes on upper or lowerband is more powerful signal.

    - exactly what Price Action do you think is greatest with Bollinger Band? (HnS, M, doji, other)
    HnS much
    M is advoed, especially third leg.
    doji is unrecommended. Because market doesn't hear doji like it used to.

    - exactly what requirements (if/else) to our Bollinger Band egy do you think could be useful?
    If price close (instead of: strike), then trade
    should squeeze, await verifiion breakout

    - what are the gaps between volatile penetrations of the outer rings, common trend and correction penetrations?
    Correction penetration aka small retracement/reversal usually doesn't close above outerband.
    Common trend: candles usually close above outerband, candles wander along upperband
    penetration of outside rings: ?
    I do not know how to cope with this? How to deal with fake breakouts? How to deal with short-walking upward?

    Can you or anybody have tips for my queries?
    As the starter of the thread I expect many comments/ideas from you traders in here. I am looking for tips that assist us trade improved with Bollinger Band. Any tips are welcome.

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    Hi back when I started to try make my own egy I had been searching at BB bands. Perhaps a really good way is whether you or others may share a BB band egy and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the egy. THe BB egy I heard was from a guy called Vladimir Ribakov, who traded BB bands in institute for many years. You may find him. He utilizes divergence to attempt to predict when price will ride the Bollinger band for 1-2 repliions of compacted Bollinger band range. I don't understand the merits of the guy as run a academy group and he appears to sell software. Kind Regards,

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    You may read this first

    and give us a few examples how you intend to apply BB to current PA of a market/instrument

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    Hi Guys n Gals,

    Newbie here with a half decent comprehension of the game lol. Have utilized Bollinger Bands previously for scalps, as it crosses rings with a view to scalping back it into the middle, albeit with mixed results, primarily being over eager and taking transactions early.

    So recently I've been playing around with using BB H4 and BB H1, to effectively filter out Trades I don't wish to look at. Fundamentally making sure that the BBs within both timeframes are in order. Eg 1 gt; 2 gt; 3 gt; 4 gt; 5
    1) BB High H4 = 1.8
    2) BB High H1 = 1.6
    3) Price = 1.5
    4) BB Low H1 = 1.4
    5) BB Low H4 = 1.2
    This I mean to observe trades were the Price is properly loed inside a cocoon of BBs, plus the BBs are in the correct order, effectively confirming the current leadership, and that the amount of volatility is inside my risk levels. So for example if the BB Low H4 above was at say 1.5, then the order would be 1,2,3,5,4 that I'd then stay away from.

    I'm complimenting that with a 50 cross of the 4H RSI (14), and Stochastic must also be in a favour of the trades RSI cross direction.

    Has anyone any ideas on using BBs in this manner?


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