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Thread: Theory on the first creation of indiors

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    Indiors do not do the job.

    It's an illusion, created by the founders of the markets itself.

    It's designed to make you think it works, to make you believe in something but you can not prove it. . .just like religions... the real function of the indiors is to keep you thinking,trying... suck cash from you... then you tell yourself Why me....well only the faith again.

    Good luck figuring it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Lets presume that from the beggining, a few traders decided to play around with forecast of future price movements based solely on price. They knew that methods calling changes of variables in the future dependent on the variables already exist after not long. They discovered them in meteorology, predicting earth quakes, rain etc.. . Those forecasters uncovered that it is possible to expect the changes in a factor based on the past states of the factor. Why did those approaches work from the markets ? Its...
    Should you read about insecure trading on markets 100 years ago and more, you find there were no charts or any of the several indiors we take for granted today. The price feed was a ticker tape along with the core ability was thought to be tape reading to pick up the flow of buying and selling in the trade record that is printed. The frame of reference and analysis was to both the low and high of the previous day, and not elsewhere.

    It was actually only from the 1920s on that hand claimed daily charts were used to any extent and much more rigorous statistical analysis of price was fairly rare until the 1960s, no small part because of the absence of computing power available to the average person. I believe the very first derivative indior was moving averages to try to highlight underlying tendency. As trading became shorter and shorter in the statistical analysis of regression and mean reversion started becoming more widespread and things expanded from there to what we have. And I believe it was rice traders that created candlestick charts to routinely analyse and use chart patterns.

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    I am only replying because I saw your message. I am not a quant trader so I can't contribute much. Some traders better equipped to assist you with your study might be , FXEZ, PipMeUp, algoTraderJo, olsen-yersen, Sis.yphus, ezcurrency, 9047, kprsa, stt, mikkom (if he is still around).... And no doubt other people who have slipped my mind. Great luck with your research.

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