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Thread: The One: Price Action and Reaction

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    One more instance. Can you start to see any patterns?

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    And another more complex on NZDUSD.

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    1 Attachment(S)) Still Another on USDCHF.

    We will begin to begin to prepare a formulation for sl tp and entrance soon, but first we must know the way the market moves.

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    Amount to level and back. Such as an ocean's waves.

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    Very Wonderful Eaglestar!

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    I enjoyed the star wars name better Probably it lasts 5 minutes until the attorneys are calling FF...

    What you're doing is a part of my trading too. It is a tool in the arsenal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I liked the star wars name better Probably it lasts 5 seconds before the lawyers are calling FF... Everything you are doing is a part of my trading also. It is a strong tool in the arsenal.
    Yes we had the same thought.

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    You don't need much more than lines that are flat.

    I am a bit concerned that you have plans to utilize more innovative methods. Simple is great! At least you said line techniques that were advanced, and not only more innovative techniques in general.

    In fact, the very fact that you're focused on lines is a big hint: It means that you have already found your kind of trading (or at least you have begun to narrow down it). Do not stray away from this. You may run into some difficulty or you also may not make as far as you thought you would, wind up going on a lengthy search for a few new technique, trying all kinds of ideas out there. Those are the ones whom I felt most comfortable with personally, but I started to understand something: I would return to some type of line techniques although that occurred to me. I've stuck with this kind of trading and continued to focus on that, ever since I made this realization.

    It seems as if you're already discovered your milieu, so remember this the next time you think about straying. Rather than altering to something else where you'll start as a beginnger stay to this. The time will be spent making you more of an expert in this style, which you know is a good fit for you. Nicely done!

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    Hello buff, thx for sharing your knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi eagle, thx for sharing your own knowledge; looking forward to more information.
    Your welcome Tombombadill, I hope that I can help others to see something clearly here. It'll be a development.

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