Who Has Ever Trade With Alpari?
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Thread: Who Has Ever Trade With Alpari?

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    Who Has Ever Trade With Alpari?

    I would like to go live with Alpari and want to know if they're reliable as MT4.Pls opinions about good and bad of this broker.Who is the real regulator that regulates brokers in UK since I understand of US that is NFA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I wish to go with Alpari and wish to know if they're reliable as MT4.Pls opinions about good and bad of the broker.Who is the real regulator which modulates brokers in UK since I understand that of US which is NFA.
    The regulator is the FSA.

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    They are excellent. One of the greater market manufacturers. I get great fills in seconds. Alpari is great although oanda is better using its instantaneous fills.

    Regards -

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    I am live with them for only about a week, so take my opinion for what it is worth. I like them very much. Quick fills (unlike above, I am stuffed inside ~1 sec most of the time), no disconnections up to now, spreads do not go crazy during most major news releases (why made me leave my previous broker) and price spikes tend to be milder than those I have experienced with my previous broker. FSA is considered to be a reliable regulator, maybe more so than NFA, there have been no complaints there nevertheless http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/home.do. So far, so great.

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    Thanks for the gifts forexmoments, and ilanr.Hope I could nevertheless ask you men more questions.
    Take care.

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    Pls is there any difference between Alpari Russian, Alpari UK and that of US.If there are?

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    Hello FF,
    Want to know how difficult is it to open account with Alpari UK and when adviceable to.
    Are there any other items trading with Brokers from UK.

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    Only recently gone live with Alpari UK, doing the commerce. Can't complain. I swing rather than scalp. Esp don't promote during news; can not recall where I read it something like this takes around a moment - fine for swinging à la Jacko's method.

    I enjoy the auto monitoring stops attribute you can not get with Oanda or IG Index.

    Single thing I am not overly happy about is trading starts Sunday at 11pm whereas IG and Oanda start at 9pm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi FF,
    how hard is it to start account with Alpari UK
    Usual anti-money laundering and liquidity approaches: require confirmation, bank information, current bill. Pretty fast. Bank transfer was a bit of a hassle but that was down to Barclays; needed to send a cheque. That said, the market is there!

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