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    They recently sent me an e-mail informing that over January 2007 they will send the majority of the customers to the no dealing desk (NDD) platform. I don't understand if my turn will come. Together with the dealing desk option at the least there is not any slippage for entry orders and stop losses. Men please post your expertise with NDD as much as possible
    incidentally, you can request to stay on the dealing desk platform. I called in asking if this was possible and they said it was nice. All I would would have to do is send them an emailaddress. They are only defaulting accounts to no-dealing-desk heading forward. Personally, I can trade on either platform to the way I approach the market.i hope that helps.

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    ; NDD is a bait.

    They know that individuals initially wanting to be in this NDD are quot;News Tradersquot;. Knowing that, L.M.A.O
    Id agree. . .most newbies tend to fancy themselves as news traders so this is probably why they're defaulting to that platform.

    The unpleasant fact is that coping desk or no coping desk, unless a person knows how to exchange those events they're likely to get destroyed anyhow.

    nothing against FXCM but they're not necessarily supplying the uninformed/unedued trader any benefits. The only traders who can take advantage of the no coping desk are seasoned traders.

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    Men, I have tried their no dealing desk. LOL my laughing ought to be all that you have to hear to understand my view of it. A few nights ago I was trading and didnt understand it was through a news time. I trader directly around 1 minute before the news came out. It was about 1:30 AM PST. Anyways I placed a sell order in and was planning to wait for a couple hours to see if the market would fall so I could get a few things. Anyways, the news came out went the market dropped 40 points. Of course, I was very happy since I accidently created a whole lot of money. My place immidiatly shut and guess what, nothing occurred!!!!! God is my witness, I tried closeing my place 5 to 8 days until the place really closed and if it was all said and done I had only made about 16 or 17 pips. Yes, I was rather angry. I called and of course they gave me the whole spill of how they're attempting to safeguard their clients of gapping. My responce to this is, even if your trading station is at a price, then you fill them in the price or advertise it on your trading station. I was supposed to be stuffed in the actual price I saw in my computer but FXCM said that it wasn't a genuine price. No matter, I have found some other GREAT brokers that dont treat me like trash. I dont need FXCM in any way shape or form. I have been using them for 1.5 years and believe me, I will tell you more and more stories that can make you laugh or cry depending on the way you look at getting ripped away. I learned my lesson. They're a Joke. Dont feel you need to use them just because the will be the most important or largest FX team on the market. Don't Be Fooled. Take it it from someone who has traded for Quite a While now=)

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    Forgive the NFP afternoon, common times with little news will give you a price moved every time.

    If you want to trade with NDD alternative, the spot orders could be filled or not. You never understands.

    Thus, should you insist open the order with SL and TP, or, at the TP.

    However, if you order is filled at the price you set, always is 1 pips above/below.

    Additionally, the wonderful FxStation don´t allow you pre-set default SL/TP stage as the way you can do with MT or even DealBook or other.

    The a visual snare: FXCM claims as low as 2 pips.
    Well, this happens 10 minutes per day, especially after the news when you're able to ´t open/close trade because of market movements. Very funny.

    Also, the rest of the afternoon the spread is 3 pips for the EURUSD and 4 to GBPUSD.
    But if your orders are filled 1 pips above/below actually that they ´re widening the spread and the EURUSD 4/5, also GBPUSD.

    IE. Establish to sell 1 lot at 1.9500 TP 1.9450. Spread isn't fixed, so we wager a 4 pips. Orders is filled 1.9499 TP filled 1.9451.

    4 pips spread one pip from the sell one pip from the TP = your actual distribute is 6 pips.

    Pls, check my words on your own.

    Throughout not heavy action periods like after NY near, the spreads are in 4 pips for EURUSD and 5/6 to get GBPUSD. Sunday is 6 for 8 and EUR for GBP.

    Last week, throughout the big fall on GBP from 1.9600 to 1.9200 stated on Sunday on Monday I needed to eat 8 pips spread in my sell orders and I had been in Asian semester.

    This is a normal case where the broker would like to trade like they desire (position trades), not just like you desire.

    Also, I refused to move my account to NDD and I refused the email warning me about the change, and they do it anyhow.

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