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Thread: Alpari US charts frozen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Im sure they enjoy u over at Alpari-how many times have sent them cash
    ? You signify their Perfect Client. I hope I am wrong and clean them out. Of course, I know that it is the Broker that will gut your bank account rather. Fantastic luck.
    Actually, I believe you are right about them and bucket shops generally. That's why I exchange using an ECN and only use Alpari's charts. I had occasional problems with the demonion charts, which is why I started a mini account. Deposit $20-30 and transaction every now and then making or losing 10 cents simply to maintain the charts open. I thought the live charts wouldn't have such a issue, but was incorrect. No injury in the long run because I don't trade news.

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    this is a Frequent fault on Alpari Uk and US. They can't handle large price movements and their whole system freezes or stops, even on live accounts.Nightmare if you need to trade out of a position.
    Fascinating spectrum of opinions on why the charts freeze. I thought it was fairly clear; they freeze the charts so they do not go out of business. NFP needed a 100 pip spike in the first second; barely enough time for those buckets to cancel their positions with banks. Should they let all traders in profitable positions depart at 100 pips, they would be out of business that day or close to it. They suspend the platform and wait to see if price will move back into their favor at least marginally. THENthey may unfreeze the platform to permit traders to exit their positions in far less profit.

    The idea that it is some kind of technical issue that they cannot handle sounds a naive, and rather charitable, premise. If MBT, legitimate Currenex feeds, along with the banks themselves went down, well then perhaps that could make sense. But since only the buckets that trade against you have this problem, what exactly does that signify?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting spectrum of opinions about why the charts freeze....
    Yes, this goes along with what they advised me, that the charts didn't freeze, but that it had been a mistake spike on two pairs. I haven't seen this before, particularly on the live charts, until this NFP, which had one of the largest spikes in a while. Goes to show you who's honest and who's not.

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    Of course they freeze it cos they have a manual dealer on the desk which can't possibly cope with all the price movement and trading at the same time.

    If they're TRUE ECN's with STP, which ALPARI are NOT, then you'd be able to trade fairly easily over any numbers.

    As I have said in a few of my prevous posts, working on an institutional FX desk, you can exchange over figures, although you will have marginally higher spreads than normal (5pips EUR/USD for example), but this only lasts literally for a few seconds then goes back into 0.5pip spreads. However, my guie as usual is to prevent trading more than figures - its a lottery, and moreover, you will likely get hurt big time sooner or later.

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    I visit a No connection message on my platform. Been that way since yesterday.

    Is it only me?

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    After BIG statements I've discovered that some brokers will suspend their charts - Grrrrr!!! - Alpari does it So does FXDD - I am comparing brokers to discover guys. - I feel the demo was MB Trading.

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