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Thread: Fixed spread broker with 1 pip spread or less?

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    Fixed spread broker with 1 pip spread or less?

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering is there a fixed spread broker with fixed spread = 1 or less???

    Perhaps some of you know about this....thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    MM broker profiting when a customer loses a trade at which ECN is earning through commission just. In short, MM brokers are against your curiosity which is to profit. quote
    Can you please be as kind as to explain the way the MM broker profits when you shed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My advice would be not to search for fixed spreads, not 1 pip fixed spread (I assume EURUSD) which is quite high. I exchange through institutional account kind and have true interbank market spreads. EURUSD disperse during London and New York sessions averaging 0,065 pips. Commission 1,65 USD each side.... Almost 3 times more economical trading than 1 pip spread!
    Hi there, would you be able to share which broker are you with and what prerequisites are there to your institutional account types? Thanks

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    My advice is to not look for fixed spreads, not even 1 pip fixed spread (I presume EURUSD) that is quite high.
    I trade through institutional account type and have variable accurate interbank market spreads. EURUSD disperse during London and New York sessions averaging 0,065 pips. Commission 1,65 USD per side.... Nearly three times more economical trading than just 1 pip mended spread!

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    MahiFX have spreads and are a market maker. Dont think you'll discover an broker or broker which wont give you requotes if you want fixed spreads. But it's possible to find an ECN with much lower spreads but you'll have to pay commission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Guys! Anyone know what broker has FIXED spread with reduced disperse, can be ECN or none ECN broker? I want to conduct my EA on reduced FIXED spread. Thanks.

    If we've understood the broker, because I have profitable EA only work on this conditions. If you interest, you can PM me.

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    I'm also looking for a minimal spread broker. I am US citizen and that I feel like I am in a fantastic disadvantage with the spreads on Oanda that are double, triple or even greater compared to a Australian or UK brokers.

    Any advice will be greatly valued.

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    Hi Guys!

    Anyone know what broker possesses FIXED spread with lower disperse, can be ECN or none ECN broker?
    I have to run my EA on lower FIXED spread.

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    No, not attempting to be humorous. Back in 2010 when I was new to Forex, and all nonUS brokers still accepted US customers, I opened up an account with 1pipfix, however they had minimal take profit prerequisites based upon the currency pair (10 pip minimal for majors. . .and up to 40 pip minimal for AUDNZD)....but I only noticed they don't do that anymore.

    The other day in my research that I did come across a fixed spread broker with a 20 pip minimal tp. . .but perhaps this is not the norm anymore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    When there is a broker offering fixed spreads of 1 pip or less, the ch is they probably require a minimim take profit level (such as 10 pips or perhaps 20 pips or longer ) meaning if a commerce opens and you attempt to scalp 2 pips or 5 pips , the trade will not shut until you reach the minimal take profit necessity. For some pairs the minimal take profit may even be as much as 50 pips .
    Which broker does that? I've never heard of minimal take profit level of 10pips or even 20pips or as much as 50pips. Are you trying to be humorous? Otherwise, just post 1 example of a spread broker doing that.

    IC Markets for example, permits you to set very tight stops while shooting relatively large take profits. No such limitations if you study this trade history (winners are all stopped out in 8pips).

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