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Thread: Dukascopy iPhone Trading appliion

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    Dukascopy iPhone Trading application

    29 March 2010
    Dukascopy - Amusement Forex Marketplace, is pleased to announce the launch of its trading iPhone program. After the remarkable success of the Swiss Forex program that was a program for the general public, Dukascopy - Amusement Forex Marketplace establishes the most innovative trading platform. A real iPhone appliion, repliing all of the main features of Dukascopy's platforms - Amusement Forex Trader. Read more...

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    I attempted the Dukascopy program for iphone yesterday on a demo account and I had problems placing the stop loss and take profit on a trade. As an instance if I needed to type in 1.435 as my stop loss I would type in 1. And then the enter would go blank after which 435. So I would end up with a stop loss of 435! I could not work out how to set a decimal point in without it deleting what I'd typed. Also utilizing the arrows was futile and the entered just kept incrementing on its own. Take profit was even harder and was unable to set one.

    I exchange with Dukascopy generally and wants a cell program but this one requires some serious work, I can't believe it is this bad!

    Dukascopy, please react.

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    And shortly we will find android platform

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    29 March 2010
    Dukascopy - Swiss Forex Marketplace, is proud to announce the launch of its trading iPhone program. After the remarkable success of this Swiss Forex program that was an appliion for the general public, Dukascopy - Swiss Forex Marketplace starts the most innovative trading platform. A genuine iPhone program, repliing all of the principal features of Dukascopy's platforms - Swiss Forex Trader. Read more...
    its working really good, also in account!
    Just you've got no 15 min chart or 30 min charts as charttimeframe from the iphone channel, thats I miss most.
    But charts and channel works extremely fast and without any problems. Sometimes you have to restart if mobilconnection problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    and shortly we'll find android platform
    Android is just well made copy of iOS.

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