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Thread: Oanda reversing trades?

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    Oanda reversing trades?

    I just received email from Oanda:
    Dear Damian:

    Because of one or more erroneous rate spikes that occurred on our FXTrade system, the subsequent
    alterations were completed to roll back transactions brought on by the spikes:

    Ticket 373140429 (EUR/USD) has been deleted.
    Ticket 373140103 (EUR/USD) has been deleted.
    Ticket 373140100 (EUR/USD) has been deleted.
    Ticket 373138940 (EUR/USD) was shut on Tue Jul 15 2008 03:01:35PM DT instead.

    Please check your account in your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or
    concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us .

    Kind Regards,
    OANDA Technical Service(RC)
    I checked and all of these trades were on profit. And wfter this roll all of those profits are gone, and it looks like that I never made this trades. I risk, commerce and what? They cancell my trades and take away profit. Somebody else have similiar issue?

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    Try not to take it, reversing trades is becoming a regular feature on Oanda!

    It's tough but I don't think there's very much you can do on it, and that I agree with you it's totally unfair.

    You probably already know this but I'll mention it anyway, don't revenge trade to get those profits back, you are going to lose and be much more pissed off than you are now!

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    Should you look at it from the impartial view instead of one of the 2 parties you'll fine some feel there, obviosuly there are far more ppl who'd have lost money in those spikes than those who made money, because those spikes came off a tchnical fault and was'nt a real market activity any losses (and yes profits too) do not deserve to be had....don't you believe...

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    They will refund you if it moves the other way and your stop loss is hit by a spike.

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    The actual question is why these spikes are occurring to begin with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The real issue is why these spikes are happening to start with?
    Exactly! And they're happening with such regularity.

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    Are these spikes in the news time or pure technical glitches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It's tough but I do not think there's quite much you can do on it, and I agree with you it's completely unfair.
    Oh really? So on the one side Oanda is unjust because of spikes and on the flip side they're unfair if they do a rollback because of a wrong spike? Come...

    Oanda is not ideal, but fair. I trade for many years now there and had some spikes as well. However, I always got my money back if I have stopped out because of a misspike.

    Regards -

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Try not to take it personally, reversing trades is turning into a standard feature on Oanda!

    It is tough but I do not think there is quite much you can do about it, and I agree with you it's totally unfair.
    Can you state its unfair when they reverse a loosing trade also?

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