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Thread: Instaforex, are they honest and reliable?

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    Instaforex, are they honest and reliable?

    I have been trading live successfully with insta but using a tiny deposit ... now I'm thinking about depositing $2000

    I heard brokers that use online payment processors are not dependable

    I thought about FXDD but that the $35 commission the bank takes each withdrawing is backing me up

    so based upon your experience what is the best for me ?

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    Lol @ instaforex... all you need to do is go to google and type instaforex scam. .

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    I , its just helpless

    so what about other brokers that accept online payment processors like FXCM or even FXsol ?

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    The majority of them do. Assess forexpeacearmy they have a listing of most brokers and they have testimonials etc.. Even though some testimonials are biased, it provides you a feeling of direction.

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    Tak isd
    You cite at the base of your article that A new broker is coming to Australia to set the pace of the controlled FX World

    Which would that be?

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    I'd be breaching ASIC's regulation by stating so, as its not all finalised. So I won't.

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    I advoed IBFX or FXCM(high spread) I believe they're good.

    I am using IBFX now and I am happy with them really, I transferred from fxdd. It is a significant gap difference, ibfx is a lot better, fxdd always disconnected during powerful move or just disconected (nearly two years with fxdd). These retail broker are ok.

    Which you ought to do some homework, research them, start the broker you prefer. The broker you like is the ideal broker.

    oh . . I overlook your amoung your deposit. You may go for ECN brokers. Like MB trading(ecn) I notice that they're fine, or may be Dukascopy(ecn) it's swiss broker likely da best, or establishment broker.

    Do research concerning ECN brokers. I dont know they're good broker or not until you get into precisely the exact same boat together. Like I am using ibfx now.

    Could be you'd start from here

    sorry with my english is not my first languang.

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    Thanks guys for helping me out , I see considerably clearly today ... though , I have to do some research and have a peek at forexpeacearmy and the babypips manual before deciding

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thanks guys for helping me out , I see much clearly now ... though , I must do some research and take a look at forexpeacearmy and the babypips guide before deciding
    also check out the thread they began at elite trader... they sure picked the wrong forum to market in!!!

    If anything that a few laughs!


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    I have been trading using Instaforex for almost two years and always facing difficulty in creating withdrawal. My current withdrawal for USD200.00 through Liberty Reserve is currently outstanding for two days now and there isn't any indiion that they will pay withdrawal. They stated that the withdrawal may take up to 7 hours however they can't be trusted and I confronted this so many times before.

    They've deducted my withdrawal beforehand but did not transfer it into my Liberty Reserve account.

    Every time I ask the live support, they always say be individual or its long queue and you have to wait for this . When I ask why they always deny my withdrawal rather than answer it. When I email to , they will say We're still processing your withdrawal. I also offer the operators on the live support the hyperlinks to your internet forum regarding their bad attitude and scam problems like withdrawals got refused, withdrawals not paid and returned back into trader's instaforex account and also a lot more.

    What I believe shocked is that the operator on the Instaforex live support denied each of the accusation on these and stated that those people are bad individuals who framework them to bring them down and always blackmail them for money especially the owner of .

    I think Instaforex is extremely low capitalized or they're a truly scam-er/greedy broker/evil broker.

    Please someone tell me how do I get back my money from this untrusted and advertising scam broker.

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