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Thread: Instaforex, are they honest and reliable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    the operator about the Instaforex live Service denied all the accusation on These and Stated that those people are Poor peoples who frame them to bring them down and always blackmail them for Cash especially the owner of
    actually that's Wonderful how brokers Such as insta are still able to Buy the new customers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    actually that Is Wonderful how brokers Such as insta are still able to get the new Clients
    if InstaForex is a scam but still manages to get new clients then maybe they process Discerning withdrawal requests, maybe they pay some of their customers Rather than pay Additional customers, I Believe there Should be some clients Who are Compensated and they convince other people to Select instaforex, who Understands...

    I Have just started trading Using InstaForex and I Have N't made a withdrawal Petition Nonetheless, I will come back here to post when I Will withdraw money from Instaforex

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    I believe that you shouldn't trading using Insta, I can let you know a lot of them, but it's going to be spam I believe, as some one compose before, just ask google (or any other search motor instaforex scam). Someone before guie you to look at forexpeacearmy. I will add - seem at 100forexbrokers and earnforex - there are a lot of brokers to choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    wow, its good history trading,,
    exactly what untill now you trading in instaforex,?
    This is what I call spam. The sole aim of this reply is to cancel the latest reply saying that Insta is a scam!!

    Insta is non regulated forex broker come on bring it on saying it's regulated by russian body created by brokers! Nothing to compare with FSA/ NFA! Insta love requotes. They had previously transferred profits from account member check FPA again information google instaforex scam.


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    In my view (at not just mine, it sounds ) please get to another broker rather than instaforex.
    I've been with them for a short time. No difficulty ofcourse to create an account and deposit along with trade, but when it comes down to your withdrawal, hell unleashes
    you enter the sum of money you want to withdraw, because im in Holland, its own EURO, so I put the amount of dollar in, and it could be converted into 1200 EURO it stated.
    All well you think...
    THen 1 week goes by.... And another week goes by....
    In those two weeks the withdrawal was never processed, even when calling them frequently by mail and live chat (live chat with individuals who don't read what you ask(!) and in very bad english).
    Following fourteen days of nothing happening, I contacted them again and they said they could not ship me the 1200 EURO, because the number I entered didn't convert into 1200 EURO anymore, because the rate was changed (duh... after two weeks! What you anticipate?) . If they'd have just processed it straight, it wouldn't have been an issue. And they didn't notify about anything with the withdrawal processing. .
    This kinda pissed me off hard, so I was just flushing the cash on the account in some terrible transactions (on goal) and quit trading together.
    Instaforex.... Never

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    Ido370, Thank you for sharing your poor experience. Great to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    lol @ instaforex... all you have to do is go to google and type instaforex scam. .
    On the internet there are numerous feedbacks about our firm, it's possible that a number of them are damaging to some extent. You may just enjoy our institution's reliability and convenience after you have opened an account and began trading.
    You cannot really believe everything you find online. It is possible that most of those feedback authors have not worked with our business and are in fact employees of rival companies trying to endanger us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Additionally insta adore requotes.

    Requotes are a result of the price change occurred before the appliion was accepted. Even a change of 1-2 points puts the business at risk of loss, which naturally affects the client. Requotes are typical in any provider. If the client attaches great significance to entering the market, we recommend setting a deviation value that will make a price change requote-free in case they occur before the appliion is offered by the trader.

    It is a shame that black PR is prosperous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have been trading using Instaforex for almost two decades and always facing difficulty in making withdrawal. My current withdrawal for USD200.00 through Liberty Reserve is already unpaid for two days now and there is no sign that they will pay withdrawal. They stated that the withdrawal may take up to 7 hours however they cannot be trusted and I faced this so many times before.

    They have deducted my withdrawal in advance but did not move it into my Liberty Reserve account.

    Every time I ask the live service, they always say be patient or its own...
    Hello! Please, give me the particulars of your issue situation: account number and date of this withdrawal. It'll be nearer to the facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In my view (at not only mine, it sounds ) please get to a different broker and not instaforex.
    I've been using them for a brief time. No difficulty ofcourse to create an account and deposit along with transaction, but when it comes down to your withdrawal, hell unleashes
    you enter the sum of money that you want to withdraw, since im in Holland, its own EURO, therefore I placed the amount of dollar in, and it would be converted into 1200 EURO it said.
    All well you think...
    THen 1 week goes by.... And another week goes by....
    In those 2 weeks the withdrawal was never processed,...
    we'll be glad to see the entire picture of your own situation. Please provide the data.

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