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Thread: Your experience with [GAIN Capital Group, LLC]

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    I'm considering opening an account with Anyone want to share their expertise with [GAIN Capital Group] by posting some review, and help ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Last time that I checked Darwinex doesn't accept US clients. They were contemplating a spouse broker to bring in US clients but I had been told by one of the agents they scrapped this plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I understand is Getting ready to move to Oanda or even Darwinex. Spreads are rarely under 2.0 (usually 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3) on some pair except EURUSD and USDJPY. Leverage is changeable based on which is traded and I am not certain if that is the exact same elsewhere to be fair. MT4 platform is trash. Issues and they counseled to close down and then reboot. Thus, you are supposed to shut down and reboot MT4 with trades that are active. LOL LOL Can I mention slippage? Oh yeah. I have always traded with market orders because there is slippage and less problems. It wasn't...
    Last time that I checked Darwinex doesn't accept US customers. They were considering a spouse broker to bring in US customers but I was told by one of their agents they scrapped this plan.

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    All I know is Getting ready to move to Oanda or even Darwinex.

    Spreads are seldom under 2.0 (usually 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3) on any pair except EURUSD and USDJPY. Leverage is changeable based on which is traded if that's the same elsewhere to become 22, and I'm not certain. MT4 platform is trash. Had issues and they counseled to shut down and reboot.

    SO, you are to shut down and reboot MT4 with active trades. LOL LOL

    Did I mention slippage? Oh yeah. I've always traded with market orders since there is issues. It wasn't until I tried to exchange a tight scalping method that I found that the spread is obviously large, but there's slippage - anywhere from 0.5 pip to 1.6 per pip along with this spread) on any pair at any time of day, particularly those occasions that are lucrative to exchange (but not news). The worst times to exchange (low liquid) is your better spreads. Asia session is slowed by dead ? Get off your spread at 15%! LOL

    Did I mention that the freezes? Funny thing, most frequently when you start the trade implementation dialogue box it hangs ... and hangs ... and hangs . . You must constantly click on the platform chart region and then the implementation box to keep it active it since there's such a delay. Part of this may be my computer relationship, but I highly doubt it, as:

    When you choose a trade, exit a trade and opt to reverse the trade as is appropriate sometimes, you'll forget all about being aggressive because the platform constantly hangs up at the right time. Quite clearly a algorithm are based upon very traditional and probability price action candles. Yeah, they guess that they can't have too many folks. LOL

    Whole dam item is rigged. In other words, they have always been nice and they (at this time) are financially sound. That rigged the game too but failed to manage their cash although contrary to.

    Yeah. I'm tired of not being able to trade. I mean, it may be a sophistied rig so we could enjoy the process of trading if we lose or win if they are planning to rig the thing. LOL

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    Caffinated, from my (limited) experience. MT4 is generally set to exhibit BID chart, you will have to inspect the ASK chart which might be an additional symbol on your symbol table listing. Additionally, try to find ALL TICKS information from your broker to verify. I am waiting for answer from a broker which my BUY STOP was implemented without the ASK price hitting on the target bit I found this line to verify. (The maximum ASK price on the MT4 chart was also greater than the ALL TICK data by 10 points (5-decimal digit system) which was VERY STRANGE).

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    I'm a new trader from Hawaii. My account is with Had no problems whatsoever....until last night. I've only been live since the beginning of the month.

    I started short on the EUR/USD pair with a stop loss at 1.10790 (the red line in the image). Did so about one hour to the current / latest London session. According to the account history tab at MT4, that place was discontinued at 1.10795 in 12:30GMT. But on the charts, the price never moved about 1.10745. The normal spread during the London session usually flutters between 1.5 2 pips. This happened right when the US CPI / Core CPI numbers came out. I know it's risky to maintain positions open through high effect news releases, but I'm thinking I just got stop hunted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ; is king of scam.
    They surelly are

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    I would like to share my experience using FOREX.COM with live account.

    I have been trading for more than 5 years, never been successful at it. In a point I stoped completelly. Then decided to return to it.
    I openend a presentation acount, in seven days I turned 50 000$ to 2 050 000.00$ so I was convinced that I could change to a live account that perhaps I somehow improoved my methods!

    I finished up lossing all of my funds again, however, I felt as though I had to give it a try. I'm happy I did, I have discovered something. I must keep away from trading!
    That said, I would like to describe some issues I had with FOREX.COM for anyone who could be considering trading with them that they might be interested to hear about it.

    I would like to apologize for my own language since english isn't my main language. I will try to describe the best I can what occurred with FOREX.COM
    I shall also attache 2 pictures to illue, I hope you can view them.

    From time to time, on a daily basis i experimented major glitches on the candlestick chart. I am not talking glitches.

    Lots of time, in period of what they would call hi-volatility when it s time to get a new candle to start (I use 15 min timeframe) the new candle won t reveal. The trading line price at which you should see the price movement becoming stuck without moving and there is no candle.
    Then there is large moves and both direction but you don't see as there is no data showing up. Then after a while more than 1 minutes you get the signal back using a twisted candle that start from nowhere close to the missing information will not be there and also where it should be. Then when it return, your margin as your lossing position closed along with your account wiped drastically. I had that happened to me twice yesterday. I used their MT-4 platform.

    I use a second platform so at precisely the same moment I had a demo account with FXCM opened on the FXCM MT-4 platform. The glitch you get from FOREX.COM does not appear on the FXCM one. So if it is because of hi-valatility, why FXCM was able to provide data.
    Of course when this occurred it is always at precisely the same time there is a big wiping move in both direction. You then get from the like blinded for a second without a opportunity to respond to either make the most of it or shield yourself. You're stuck in the dark for a moment and in a blink of the eye it comes back, sometime away from entrance point (of the new candle) and you discovered that it moved all way to trigger your margin and that your account balance as gone lower drastically.
    It always occurred at the start of a new candle. I was expecting a significant move... there is a few hours were your feel something big will occurred. So I get candle expecting that it might proceed large. I watch the clock ticking using the Sell, Buy dialog box openend and my finger on the mouse ready to respond to whereever it will go to either close position or start new ones. In case it goes wrong and need to get some margin headroom, I would probably closed some wining position or opened reverse position to hedge myself and get some margin while the move is happening so I can maintain my position open expecting to close them when they should earn some profit later in the future.
    But when thoses glitches occurred, there isn't anything you can do. You don't have any clue what is happening. From the time you find out that there is a major glitch and major move, it s too late. Then it goes in the direction you hoped for, but it s too late. . .positions that could have win have been closed.
    I have contacted the support live discussion after it occurred to me twice in less than 2 hours. Timothy, the guy from the Australian Service team told me that there was nothing wrong. I delivered him the 2 pictures of the same chart, one from FOREX.COM and one from FXCM.
    Here is a litle part of the conversation:
    Timothy : It isn't a chart glitch, it is merely the way it is pixilated on occasion during a volatile market. If you start the data window up and then run your mouse over the candles, you'll observe the amounts are fluent between candles.
    Me: Would you describe why I don t have this normal situation with FXCM using an identical platform? Both mt-4
    Timothy : I couldn't talk to their charting software. Do you feel any amounts on the charts are wrong?
    Of course, the number at which correct, that was not the point. When the data does not reveal do we exchange?
    Other than that, many time, the candles will not align from you to the other. Small gaps moment. Nevertheless, when it is the gaps, it is alway as been launched, when a wiping move. That seem to me a strange coincidence.
    Of course, the might state, it s because of hi-volatility of because this news on tv.... It seem that they utilize something to be hidden by those term. The perfect timing to generate the moves is used by them. Like an illusionist that will try to draw your attention while is doing something else at which you won t see.
    Other little problem with their platform. If you assessed the open position at precisely the same volume used the previous time such as in FXCM it must utilized the same value. Therefore, if you start 0.05 volume last time, it should be established for 0.05 the next time and ready from the conversation box. This will definitely work on FOREX.COM if you merely open the same volume. For exemple if you start a 1.00 volume position then you want to slow down and remain with 0.05, which means you alter it in the box and it remain to 0.05. So let say you open 5 new positions that they will be 0.05. But in the event that you then close the 1.00 position, it will then change to 1.00. Therefore, in the event that you move quick to start new position and you expect it to be at 0.05 and you don t seem, now your position will be 1.00. This make you open position that is larger that might case margin trouble or you'll close those new position straight away, at loosing price.

    Here is connected 2 pictures. 1 chart from FOREX.COM together with the glitches and also you from FXCM wash.

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    I was spinning a yearn about my experience with this company, a non-terse variant of what I posted previously. I should have talked to that woman's manager and asked her to be terminated, but aside from that....

    I still haven't seen a dime out of this business years latter. They have stolen my money.
    As a result of CMSfx for selling my account to such a scum broker. I'd like to understand how these firms get away with it.

    Bump for anybody considering starting an account with them.

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