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Thread: Big profit regularly, but need to covert to EA

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Sorry guy, I do not want to be mean, but if you do not even know the fundamentals of MT4/EAs/Indiors etc., you really should first get acquainted with that kind of stuff before you would like to use a certain egy... I recommend as a beginning....
    Because this is my first time using it. Everybody else have time tho.

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    916491 Structure (s) very very superb idea noor.... Hats off man

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    really very brilliant idea noor.... Hats off guy image
    Thank you Ramzam,
    I don't count any lousy comment.
    However Ramzam we need it to convert EA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks Ramzam, I don't count any bad remark. But Ramzam we need it to convert EA.
    Noor, can I take your file to additional plsce to ask different people to convert?
    But first may I understand how you want this to function as EA? Please PM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote yes dear u can
    Which are the ideal setting for the StocH to test it manually at wich level the your arrows are published??

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    91649REALLY _____ THE NAME OF THE THREAD STARTER I dont believe this will work.


    PEOPLE dont waste your time in this thread.


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    91649Hey Noor,

    a question for you:
    do arrows appear at the end of the candle or a the start? To put it differently, do I have to go into a trade after candle having an arrow close or at the start?

    In addition, why is it that you say you do you commerce x month for each pair? If I trace your indior (stodiv) I could place several orders throughout a month.

    Thanks in advance

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    91649I reviewed four weeks of this year and the result are amazing.

    Timeframe: H1
    Result: 894 PIPS! (1,5 disperse )
    More than 200 pips month, although there is a wonderful gap between weeks. For example august 140 pips, semptember 40, october 230 and november 420.
    However the winning rate is not high as 90 percent. If I consider each and every trade (in other words every arrow) I've a winning rate of 60% which is not so bad considering every win is typical 34 pips and reduction 27 pips.

    Thanks Noor
    This method does not appear very complied, so I feel an ordinary coder is able to set it in EA form. I'm very dumb in coding and that I expect someone assist us.

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    916492 Structure (s) I share the specialist, the notion of that is of the author of this thread. Thank Noor16 much!

    In Expert settings, the worth of Stoploss and TakeProfit are such it can operate only on signals and not rely on drawdown. In this version, the indior is integrated inside the expert. It's no necessary to set up the external Stodiv.ex4 indior. Additionally, I added configurations, for people that were courageous, prepared for testing opportunities. However, you need put in the indior to current H1 EURUSD chart for visualization and understanding of specialist actions.

    I foresee the question: the signals for the near of order could be without sign arrows. This is a result of the redrawing of this indior, which can not be prevented on account of the use of the averaging method in calculations of these signals. But for stimulation comments from this expert's testers - I needed to set up the Exploitation Date up . If there is a discussion and analyzing by the users, I'll update this specialist with new time, if this is logical.

    With respect to all traders

    Especial thanks to the author of this thread.

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