Dear traders, I want to encourage our buddy Noor16. There is a feeling that the thread reached a deadline.

What difference who and how many years in the market or site? Let's judge the person on his affairs.

Let's remember what this thread began with. At the beginning it was egy on a single indior Stodiv and two moving averages. There were several versions of the expert. There are many men and women who downloaded specialists. And what as a outcome? I understand, that the majority downloading seem for Graal that to do nothing but only to grow a deposit. The person the adult realist understands that it will not be so. It is quite simple to take and toss in the person stones. The man or woman who is ready to lead and wants advancement. Let's talk trade system that is excellent within this thread. Not absolutely prepared for work. In addition, we discuss it in order that it will be profitable system. .

When there is nothing to tell on a topic of this thread don't compose, depart out of here. That isn't mistaken who does nothing. Do you recall that?

And the complaint about the topic set by the writer simply is welcomed.

Best regards to all, .