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    Automatic session boxes indicator

    Hello everybody,

    I found most session boxes indiors buggy and confusing, so I decided to compose my own. The indior draws boxes around market quests. Please read the readme, indior Inputs tab or comments in the sourcecode prior to asking questions.

    Screenshots below show a weekly H1 chart together with sessions permitted (default options and range above the boxes), along with all default configurations

    - all settings can be altered in Inputs tab when incorporating the indior or in the sourcecode (assess sourcecode comments)
    - to disable a particular session change its color to none from Inputs tab or to CLR_NONE in the sourcecode (permanently changes defaults)- set ShowRange to true to show session ranges in pips (Show object descriptions must be enabled for this to work, assess Charts Properties Show object descriptions). Set to false to hide range- set MaxDays to the number of times in which boxes must be drawn. Set to 0 to show boxes for all days visible on the whole chart- set Mode to desirable drawing mode of this box. If changing in the sourcecode, the values must be of ENUM_LINE_STYLE kind! - set Background to true if you would like the boxes stuffed. Set to false if you would like only the outline of this box
    - set MOD of each session at the format of [session available mod],[session close mod] to transfer the open/close by the desired number of hours, i.e. shorten/lengthen session boxes. Each session is 9 hours ! Positive numbers move open/close to the right over the chart, negative numbers to the left, e.g. LondonMod set to 4,0 moves only the open of the London session by 4 hours (4 hours to the right), i.e. shows only the past five hours of the London session. TokyoMod set to 0,-4 moves only the close of the Tokyo session by -4 hours (4 hours to the left), i.e. shows only the first 5 hours of the Tokyo session.
    --:: README::--
    Please read the readme previously before asking questions...

    I tested it with local time GMT 1 (plus daylight saving, so GMT 2) and mended broker time GMT-4 (doesn't change with DST), either during the week and on the weekends and it worked nice (my sole concern is to get Tokyo and Sydney users because Tokyo doesn't adapt to DST and Sydney is at southern hemisphere, but it must account for both automatically)

    Please copy, alter, distribute as you desire, I'd enjoy some credit in the comments, however. And do not forget to send 10% via paypal if you manage to sell it

    I hope it helps. Please note features it may want and bugs you found. Oh, and do not forget to read the readme

    Inserted Code Bugs addressed from additional session indiors and features: - automatically computes open and close times based on GMT and broker period offset; - shows the appropriate number of bars at a session (instead of 1 too many); - boxes comprise high/low of the first candle at the session if this candle sets session high/low; - doesn't draw buggy weekend pubs; - doesn't draw boxes for daily timeframe and more; - potential to draw boxes for all the days visible to the chart (e.g. for backtesting); - redraws only the previous box on new ticks instead of every box drawn on the chart; - enable/disable, set drawing and colour mode for each session; - show/hide session range in pips above every box; - employ open/close MOD to shorten/lengthen boxes (i.e. show only the first/last X hours of this session). Known problems: - it is not possible to set the color of session ranges. MT4 uses default foreground color to draw object descriptions and the only workaround would be to create a separate text for every single session doubling the number of objects on the chart - not worth it resource-wise in my view; - when launching the MT4 platform, boxes may be misalligned. Altering the profile or period after launching the platform will redraw all the boxes (call init() function). Changelog: - v1.7 - little adjustment in the hours for Broker GMT Offset's algorithm once the market is closed - v1.6 - enhanced deinit() algorithm, de-cluttered the code, added MaxTF input to limit session boxes drawing; - v1.5 - fixed a minor bug in broker GMT offset algorithm (in some situations it was 1 hour depending on the moment of an hour); - v1.4 - adjusted drawing of first/last session of this week (determined by broker period ); - v1.3 - added disabling boxes with default option'None' color, not only'CLR_NONE' out of sourcecode; - v1.2 - rewrote time conversion to GMT-based instead of local-based, adjusted weekend difficulty if GMT time would last but broker time ceased, cleared up the code and added comments if somebody is interested in the code itself; - v1.1 - added open/close MODs; - v1.0 - first release.

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    Just what I was looking for. . Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Exactly what I was searching for. . Inform you
    Thank you for the comments, glad you find it helpful

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi everyone, I found most session boxes indiors buggy and confusing, so I chose to compose my own. The indior draws boxes around market quests. Please see the readme, indior Inputs tab and/or remarks from the sourcecode prior to asking questions. Screenshots below show a weekly H1 chart with sessions enabled (default colors and range over the boxes), and default configurations picture imageimagepicture --::: README:::-- - all configurations can be altered into Inputs tab when incorporating the indior or in the sourcecode (assess sourcecode...
    I have two problems with it:
    - Can not disable the box on H4 chart
    - I have to refresh (change TF) differently the box loion is wrong when I start my MT4
    aspire to see for your comments... Thank again for your contribution!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I have two issues with it- Can not disable the box on H4 chart - I must refresh (change TF) otherwise the box loion is wrong when I open my MT4 Hope to see for your feedback... Thank again for the contribution!!
    Thanks for your input.
    - yes, Visualisation tab at indi's possessions does not operate at MT4, not certain why. I am able to add a factor to restrict drawing based on the timeframe once I have a minute, though;
    - yes, it's a common issue, especially because almost all of my indiors redraw just the last object with each tick instead of all of these.
    For some odd reason the init() function is not called on opening the platform. It wasn't an issue for me because I check 2 profiles and greater timeframes once I open MT4 on Sunday/Monday anyhow, but I will fix it when I find a sensible answer

    I upgraded known issues, thanks for posting and discovering.

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    Thank you for writing an essential indior, I use good idea and London session box to see an improvement indior, its great idea to see what others advancements could be added to this indior

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank You for writing an Essential indior, I Utilize London session box along with good idea to see an Advancement indior, its Great idea also to see what others Advancements can be added to this indior
    I Am glad you found it Helpful, ScorpS If you have Some Ideas or request for Enhancements, feel free to write them here

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    - v1.6 - improved deinit() algorithm (something I discovered in other indiors - not all of the objects would be deleted), de-cluttered the code (in 10kb to 9kb - 10% improvement! ), added MaxTF input to restrict session boxes drawing;

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    Hi Timginter

    Thank You!!! For shareing this indior. V ery useful indior.

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    Session range in pips is not being displayed. Employing MT4 V4 construct 765. Foreground color of chart and ShowRange=true. Anyway to fix that? Fantastic indior.

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