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Thread: Need this Grid EA

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    Need this Grid EA

    Can anyone know this EA?
    I want it badly to check. I know a person commerce and they can gain profit with a setting.
    Please help me to obtain this. As far I know this is a grid type EA also it opens buy sell standing with pending order change those order often.
    This ea open several buy sell position at a time and it does not overlook any pips when it is running. If market ranging the ea acts like grid but if market trending then it closes its reduction positions and opens commerce at fashion.

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    EA Profit V10 Trader(THAILAND)
    Attempt search by name

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    How much does it take to blow up your account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I really don't find anything what I need still today

    Will be nice to let us at least know if you broke or it will work

    funny matter that the Broker FBS created a Seminar concerning this EA at Khonkaen... no iI Not Kidding!! The Broker. .

    super wealthy filthy profitable EA V2. Is the EA but in Model 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How much does it take to blow up your account?
    With this sort of EA, and after countless martingale/grid backtests I can state , profits ~= (roughly equates ) drawdrown

    in the event you earned $4000 you will probably have a DD of $4000 (extactly such as on the backtest picture you showed)

    of course it's not always true, and you certainly can have DD of $40K and winning $4K but most of the time this is true.

    So it's safe to use marti right? Because most of the time DD will be under the profits

    nicely NOT: since sometimes DD occurs before profit of course.

    As for time the wreck, well you can't! It's a matter of bad fortune

    shit can happen very quickly, or one year from today.

    However backtest your EA with $100K beginning at lot 0.01 during more than 1 year and you'll crash eventually (even with 100K!) , try that


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For the sake of. Need optimization and set. document
    EA activity expires in 2018?

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    Any profitable backtest from the ea?

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    Publish these line so you can play with it on M1 every bar
    Inserted Code // if (Productskey ! = V10N-CD56-EU12-JP89-FR74-MN23) Opinion (\n ERROR:: Invalid Productskey!) ; // if (Productskey ! = V10N-CD56-EU12-JP89-FR74-MN23) return (0); // should (Year() gt; 2018) Opinion (\n ERROR:: EA Expire Please Update New Version!) ; // if (Year() gt; 2018) return (0); // if (Stage ()! = PERIOD_H4) Opinion (\n ERROR:: Invalid Timeframe, Please Switch to H4!) ; // if (Stage ()! = PERIOD_H4) return (0);
    The EA follow an MA 50 by default. On H4 TImeframe

    Maybe the backtest was done in good condition, following price crossed MA 50

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    All the EAs posted on this thread look fun to try. I'm sure they will keep the heart rate up Thanks for posting them.

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