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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello my apology sorry mate all the best
    You are welcome mate

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    Hello, somebody knows how to have the 3 indicators as above in precisely the same chart? And also to have the display of the time ago indicated? I search a lot and did not find...

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    Thank you Hanover. Please do make the odd resurrection! I utilize your plot news indi, but I have now recovered your CSM to search into.
    It is of course us that owe a huge heartfelt thank you to you. Top man.
    Best wishes!

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    Hanover, thank you so much for all your work which you've contributed freely for this community through the years.
    Once I saw your announcement some months back it made me sad as I was a loyal follower over the previous 8 decades.
    However, I could see your reasoning as I agree with you that the attitudes of some individuals have deteriorated to the point where one does not wish to read the posts anymore.
    Your attention to detail is what I admired most. One knew that what you produced is top shelf.
    Thus, all of the best to the future!
    I have downloaded the indicator like I was a user of your prior versions, so thank you David

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    Thank you Sir David, for Arriving.

    I missed you and I adore you!

    Once we have some time: I would like to converse with you about:

    1. Meditation.
    2. Philosophy of Sakura.
    3. Legislation of Electricity.

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    Hi David (hanover),

    Most Importantly, I'd like to thank you for the CSM Original indicator. I like it. I think there is a bug in it, although I really don't know much about programs and programing. Then the Summary Spacing couldn't be changed, As soon as I set the Parameter File to 25. It made the Trend Summary shrink. It is the same with or without the'Placard MT Condensed' font installed. When I installed the PLCC___. TTF file it's not that the Summary Spacing couldn't be changed, but also the numbers above the columns that are vibrant disappeared - I think you call it a histogram. See picture. Perhaps, I just have to figure out how to set them correctly.


    P.S. It is just something you might be interested in... Even if it stays like that I'm OK with it, since I will just take the spread at the top into account, as you said. That will give me enough details concerning the currency pairs. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi David (Hanover), Most of all, I Would like thank you for Your CSM Initial indicator. I think there is a bug in it, although I really don't know much about programing. Then the Summary Spacing can not be altered, As soon as I set the Parameter File to 25. Also, it creates the Trend Summary shrink. It's not a true problem, but I believed you'll be interested. Cheers, AttiM
    I think he has left the forum permanently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello with a lot of training you'll be fine very welcome
    Happy New Year my dear.

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