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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks. It works now. Previously MT had. Btw, whenever the parameters change, the changes are not reflected in the chart.
    Parameters are probably being overridden by people in the Presets--Recent Strength.txt file. Then feel free to delete or rename the file if you don't need to maintain the settings via this document. In case the indior can not find the file, then it can use the parameters that you enter when you attach (or edit) the indior.

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    Hi Hanover,

    I must add my sincere thanks and high praise towards you and the work you've completed this year with this and your other indiors. I'm in awe.

    I have a couple of questions about the Recent Strength Indior:

    I cannot make the ScaleFactor or the Weightings work at all. Adjusting any of these within the indior properties seems to have no impact on plots. I have attempted values in case the changes are too delicate for my elderly mind to watch, but to no avail. Would really like to experiment with these and optimize some way, especially given your valid point concerning the Kiwi and Yen being from scale, and also, in certain scenarios, I'd prefer for the USD and JPY not to reference each other at the weightings, and so forth... Any thoughts? I have read the above post, but changing one settings file doesn't strike me as the best answer to the problem - in any case, I have q's below that will necessitate the possible using many, alloable, configurations files -for instance, is there a way we could create several otherwise named settings documents and define them into different indior properties? It would help, I believe.

    Additionally, I'd love to personalize some charts by actually removing some plots. Is it feasible? For example, say I'd love to remove the plots to the CHF, NZD, AUD and CAD: What I have attempted to do would be to remove, inside the indior properties (not inside the txt file) all the info in the lines: __Currencyn__, Cn_Style, Cn_Pairs_Wgts and Cn_Scale Factor, but the plots aren't removed from the charts. Again, any thoughts? - I'd really appreciate this functionality.

    Last one: for visual backtesting purposes, is there a way you could place some kind of the time scale on the individual chart panels either across the top or underside of the individual indior charts, or perhaps as a info box that shows up as you hover your cursor over a spot/plot on the charts? What I mean, (and I just know I'll botch describing this), is that utilizing the timeframe of the price chart to which one indior is attached just functions for visual backtesting on the very righthand-most of the chosen indior panels, and just even if the TF of the price chart is set the same as the ideal hand indior plot. See, told me I'd be not able to explain this. It is all about making the backtesting easier, rather than counting bars backwards. Lemme figure out how to attach and edit images with text etc..

    Anyways, any help will be greatly appreciated. I have been trading using relative strength for a while now, for instance, among the tools I have been using is that:, and for some inexplicable reason just recently came across the tools - this one, in particular, has given me a new lease of life!

    Regards, Toey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Hanover,....
    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your kind comments.

    Re the Weightings and ScaleFactor not functioning, please try the following:

    1. Ensure that the Presets--Recent Strength.TXT document is present in the.../experts/files folder.

    2. Any parameter settings typed when you attach/edit the indior on the window which appears are overridden by the content of this file. Any line in the file is ignored. This permits you to turn easily. After you make a change to the document, you have to (obviously) store it, and then refresh the indior in your own MT4 chart. To refresh, do any one of(I) toggle between timeframes; (ii) edit the indior settings (press Ctrl-I etc); or (iii) delete the indior from the chart, and re-attach it.

    3. The content of this document itself is vital. The Cn_Pairs_Wgts should be put to the pairs provided by your broker. Spelling has to be correct. The document has to meet all the syntactic rules outlined in article #1, e.g. EVERY lineup (like sterile ones included for clarity) in the document must be terminated with a semi-colon, which MUST be the only usage of semi-colons. Comma or A missing, or unwanted, semi-colon might be your problem.

    4. It takes a while for MT4 to gather information that is enough to produce the plots. When you first attach the indior, an empty sub-window will look, but it will be filled as MT4 retrieves data from each pair/timeframe you specify, from the broker's host.

    In the first screenshot below, the C8_ScaleFactor (for the snowy USD line) is placed into the default value of 100. In the next screenshot, it is set to 300. That's the only change I made (in the settings file) before re-grabbing exactly the exact same display area. The effect is (hopefully) obvious. I am not certain where your mistake lies, but I wanted to prove to myself that this attribute does work! If you join your settings file into a post, I'll try to troubleshoot for you.

    Re eliminating some plots, I think that your problem may be that the settings file is overriding that your settings that are typed. If you (like ) set ___Currency8___ = then the snowy USD lineup (along with the caption USD in the right of this window) should disappear from the chart entirely. Watch screenshot. Then you can reinstate it readily with ___Currency8___ = USD; whereas its other settings (colour, style, pairs/wgts, etc) have stayed intact.

    Within the next release, I'll make it feasible to have several different parameter files, and then pick any one from the parameter conversation. This facility is available in the Recent Prices indior.

    I think I know your petition for a time scale facility. Not easy to implement, particularly given the distance on the display, but I'll give it some thought.

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    Hi Mate,

    Thanks for your reply - much appreciated.

    To cut a lengthy story short, I've just deleted a lengthy response to you as I believe I found the problem.

    I needed to delete the lower portion of the settings file related to axistrader - seems the presets file is kind of doubled up, if you understand what I mean, and the axistrader portion of things kept loading up in the indior although I shifted the top bit of the file - have you heard of that happening before? Basically, regardless of what I changed in the top half of the text file, that bloomin' axistrader piece of it kept coming and overriding the bit, and consequently prevented me from using the weighting, scaling and removal of plot lines.

    Perhaps you want to create two presets documents, or edit the one that you've made accessible - just a thought. I don't utilize axistrader, and removing that 2nd list of settings relating to the pairs that they provide has solved my problem. I'm using a 28-pair broker, so the set of pairs is available.

    So I can now utilize ScaleFactor and Weightings, and may eliminate plot lines from the chart-ettes!! YEAH!! Lt;smiley face thingy that other men and women appear to have, but I do notgt;

    PS: What appliion would you utilize to write/draw in your own images? I presume you upload them to a hosting website and so forth, but I am curious about what you use to create the images. .

    Cheers, Matt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Mate,

    Thank you for your reply - much appreciated....
    If the same parameter is repeated in the file more than once, then the last entry determines its worth, e.g.

    C1_Color = Green;
    C1_Color = Red;

    then the C1_Color will probably be set to Red.
    However, any line that begins with // is ignored, as if it didn't exist,

    C1_Color = Green;
    // C1_Color = Red;

    could result in C1_Color being put to Green.

    The axis trader configurations were included just as a illuive example. Maybe I ought to have made that clear in post #1.... sorry. What you have said makes perfect sense.

    The next release will incorporate the capability of multiple parameter files, as promised. And I like your idea of having the relevant date/time revealing above every data point that I will include it as an option also. I hope to complete this work keep your eye.

    I use a product called as my display grabber. (It may grab any area and has character recognition facilities for converting pictures into text). I dump the region clipped to Excel from MT4 and then use the box facilities there to annotate the clipping. Then I copy to Paint to store a .GIF, and upload to FF with the Manage Attachments button. It does the job, although A bit of a cumbersome process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If the same parameter is replicated in the file more than once, after that the last entry determines its value, e.g.....
    Thank you. Heh heh, I promise that piece of advice won't ever be forgotten - great to know! Lt;chucklegt;

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    keep an eye on this thread for information.
    I will, oh yesI will. This substance of yours is superb. There is a happy Aussie container here.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I use a product called as my screen grabber.
    Ta - will have a look at that.

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    V 1.05 can be downloaded from article #1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    V 1.05 can be downloaded from article #1.
    Appears good - LOVE those date stamps, and may now use unique setups for different purposes via multiple parm files. Both of these updates will be invaluable.

    Together with the ParameterFile, are there some syntax issues we need to be aware of? Ie, is it? Can spaces be used, for example
    My Document, or does it have to be My_File. You get the drift of the question.

    Thanks again, Hanover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sounds good - LOVE those date stamps, and can now use unique setups for various purposes via multiple parm files. These two updates will be invaluable.

    Together with the ParameterFile, are there any syntax issues we need to know about? Ie, is it MyFile? Can spaces be used, for instance
    My Document, or does this have to be My_File. You get the drift of the question.

    Thanks again, Hanover.
    The document name must be exactly Presets--Recent Power and it has to reside in the.../experts/files folder, otherwise the document won't be recognized.
    It is the extension that is variable, e.g. you can have 6 distinct parameter files named:

    Presets--Recent Power.01
    Presets--Recent Power.02
    Presets--Recent Strength.A
    Presets--Recent Strength.B
    Presets--Recent Strength.GBP
    Presets--Recent Strength.EUR

    then kind 01, 02, A, B, GBP or EUR to the ParameterFile entry to select your desired file. Should you leave the entry blank, the indior will look for the record Presets--Recent Strength.TXT, like it did before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The file name must be exactly Presets--Recent Strength and it must reside in the...
    Brilliant. Thank You. I've got a while to do!

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