MT4 Order Plugin: Trade by lines with risk based lot sizing
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Thread: MT4 Order Plugin: Trade by lines with risk based lot sizing

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    MT4 Order Plugin: Trade by lines with risk based lot sizing

    This plugin inspired by some fantastic scripts / tools available on FF which make trading easier.

    I created this simple tool to provide me the ability to define sl/tp for new order by utilizing mouse (dragging line object). Sl/tp that is input manually is a boring task, particularly for trader.

    It also track existing trade sl/tp, which means it will change current sl/tp and open price (for pending order) when it found a different value between order's sl/tp and the corresponding sl/tp line object.

    Other feature:
    - lot size calculated automatically based on the designated risk.
    - a very simple popup menu which allows you to quickly shut an order based on ticket number

    Unlike most line thing based trading tools, this app does not utilize EA for monitoring traces thing every tick, or a script that utilizes continuous looping with certain delay. It detects mouse drawing actions (hence why it utilizes dll) and fire the necessary script. All script will return after its job (launching new order / modifying existing orders) completed.

    To use:
    - download attached zip file. This zip includes 5 scripts (EasyOrder. . .mq4) and yet another EasyOrder.dll
    - extract mq4 documents into scripts folder, dll file to libraries
    - join EasyOrder to chart where you wish to start new order or modifying exisiting orders
    - you should just attach / operate EasyOrder.mq4 scripts. Other scripts called EasyOrder_Draw, EasyOrder_Submit, EasyOrder_XXXX is companion scripts which are going to be conducted by

    dll, not to be conducted manually

    New Order
    - to organize new order, click combo box which has text New Order, choose Buy Stop (for instance )
    - app will draw three lines, each of these are sl (red), open price (gold) and tp (blue). Drag them to the place.
    - click on submit, read advancement on alert window

    Modify SL/TP
    - drag SL/TP line

    Close Order
    - click on Close button, you will see a popup showing the listing of order's ticket

    Remove Window
    - Right click on any area of the order window, on the popup menu, choose remove.

    Let me know your experience with this baby

    - Insert notifiion if app failed to find market watch manage
    - When consumer drag SL/TP line, traces of closed order will probably be deleted
    - Add new popup menu item to refresh lines (dll)
    - Risk lot is editable, it is possible to type any lot size (dll)
    - Documents are listed separately
    - Put latest update (March 16, 2011) on front page
    - Update to Build 602
    - Remove unused Price/SL/TP lines after script is implemented.
    - Insert confirmation dialog
    - To ensure Easy Order script are all upgraded properly, make certain that you remove all previous EasyOrder_XXX. Xxx in script folders prior to installing this update.
    - Insert option for removing confirmation dialog
    - Insert option for specifying number of orders
    - See
    - Update EasyOrder_Draw. ex4. The order associated lines are thinner and therefore are already chosen, thus you do not have to double click on to move them.
    - Insert EasyOrderInd.ex4 indior to automatically correct TP line based on a specified Risk / Reward ratio
    - Update EasyOrderInd.ex4 to refresh TP line when price changed

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    96984Please ignore my post #758 above....silly me. Installed the OLD model files. Duh!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Please ignore my post #758 over....silly me. Installed the OLD version documents. Duh!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello, please use the connected EasyOrder_Submit. ex4. Utilize on demonstration first and double checked the lot calculation. HTH, sangmane file
    Hallo Sangmane,

    would you be able to publish the EasyOrder_Submit. Mq4 file for non US currency accounts? I would like to put my orders with Easy Order a handle them later with another EA for BE, partial take profits, jumping SL etc.. Since I trade over one currency I need different magic numbers or comments to identify them accurately and I would want the source.

    A concept for future versions, how about a box where you can enter a magic number? I think that would not be coding and permits us to combine entering trades with Easy Order and handle them with present EAs / scripts later.

    Kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hallo Sangmane, would you be in a position to publish the EasyOrder_Submit. Mq4 document for non US currency accounts? ...
    He already did it several pages back and functions flawlessly.

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    90964edit: post was submitted Double (see post below)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote He did it several pages back and functions flawlessly.
    I understand you submitted an EasyOrder_Submit. Mq4 and Sagmane replied and submitted a EasyOrder_Submit. ex4. But I assume he made some adjustments. I know it's working flawlessly and I use it I want to personalize the magic number or the comment (one individual comment per position) so my commerce supervisor isn't altering a basket of positions but every position individually. That is why I ask for the modified EasyOrder_Submit. Mq4 variant.

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    90964Hi there, I'm receiving the invalid lot dimensions mistake. Has anybody developed a way to produce this work?

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    90964 Hi,
    I am getting the error - Invalid Lot Size 0.0732.
    Can you please let me know whether there's work around with this.
    I have attached the screenshot.

    Thanks so much.

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    90964I can't make it run in my VPS Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard variant SP1 (x64).
    When I attempt to do the script seems to occur, and it logs: Cannot open file'C:\MT4 Exchange\MQL4\Scripts\EasyOrder.ex4' [2]

    The .dll IS in the specified folder and also the scripts also. VC installed.

    Could you please assist me to discover the solution?

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