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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    JensG asked if there is a option to increse the font size of the price scale for better visibility. (
    The code hides the charts original price scale as well as the grid and brings a new customizable scale and grid on the chart.
    Excellent piece of work!
    If I could add a proposal: it'd be nice to be able to place not the amount of grid lines, but the spacing between the lines (in points). An individual would need a benchmark price, which could be selected a zero. In this scenario you can find the grid price levels nice and even, e.g. with two zeros in the end.
    The point is, the grid lines in MT (and in CustomChartScale too) are placed basically randomly, their degrees depending on the high-low of their visible part on the chart. I know many men and women who would prefer a grid and hate this. This could be easily accomplished by your tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Excellent piece of work! If I may add a proposal: it'd be nice to have the ability to place not the number of grid lines, but the spacing between the lines (in points). One would need a benchmark price, which could be selected a zero. In this scenario you can get the grid price amounts fine and even, e.g. with 2 zeros at the conclusion. The purpose isthe grid lines in MT (and in CustomChartScale too) are placed essentially randomly, their amounts based on the high-low of this observable part on the chart. I know many men and women who hate this and would...
    Can it myself. Here it is if someone is interested.
    Instead of numGrid introduced gridSpace, which is the grid spacing in pipets. Also added a Bid tag, bidColor changes its colour.
    This is how it looks like

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I love to compose utility code that distinguishes from the great bulk of already existing indiors. Basically things that could be advantageous in 1 way or another apart from telling you in which the price is going. Indiors usually get asked, it takes a very long time to program them and they are thrown out after a couple of minutes of testing. Next step would be then another filter a mtf and dash support and to add an alert. I've had no chance with technical indiors but just with a blend of technical and fundamentals and think...
    You're a fantastic coder. I hope you find value. I've traded currency options for nearly 15 years (not fx spot) and as such always did long-term position trading due to the alternative spreads and commission costs involved (nearly 50 to 60 pips for each trade two manner ).

    Thank God, now the currency future options spreads have narrowed down and commission cost have return (thanks to Interactive Brokers) with costs dropping to 20 pips for two way, providing an opportunity to day trade with a profit goal of 60 pips. The trick at the fx option trading is to find optimum time at which if your situation goes wrong it should recover in time to offer you an honourable exit (breakeven point) while ensuring the period corrosion remains at least 50% to 60% in tact. Time decay (Greek Theta) is a significant killer for alternative buyer and it'll begin going downhill in the past 30 days. Selling alternative is significantly more profitable but because you need deep pockets, patience, courage, watchful attention to keep adjusting the losing positions (buying and selling often to stop them turning to ITM In-the-money options ) without any kind of fear until the wave turns backwards (reversal of position that always happens if you select ).

    It's fun selling options as you can earn your profits beforehand at the entrance level itself and keep adjusting it quite often in case of breakouts and so long as you are not caught in multi-year violent adjustments that don't happen often.

    The secret to make profit in the options is your view of leadership (if appropriate you make instant profit) and selection of alternative duration (basically a recovery break-even position). If either of your view retains you will be a winner that is continuous. If your leadership view proves wrong, store the choice and recover your investment in the future or have a reduction if you are feeling recovery is not going to happen.

    Multi-year adjustments that took only two months ago is the result of heavy build up of fx alternative postions. Multi-year adjustments is a nightmare for any alternative seller and thank God that interval is over.

    It's believed global currency options trading is 80 percent of total fx enterprise. Spot not so much. That's why multi-year adjustments will take place every 4-5 decades.

    Next four to five years multi-year adjustments will probably not happen and so the recent plunge in addition to the introduction of cheaper fx options platforms have opened avenues for anybody to trade currency fearlessly and make good money on a monthly basis up to 20% p m.

    I'm quite impressed by your PAbacktester and simple chart navigator. I am sure you will know my thoughts of having a drawdown indior, since you are speaking about money management indior.

    Estimating drawdown so as to manage margins and stoploss position will probably be quite helpful.

    According to mean-reversion concept, the easy way we can do this is by taking a look at the past price action cycles.

    I'm not a coder and aged 70 and you'll have to excuse me if I don't know the intricacies of programming.

    According to user-defined switches these indiors could possibly be manufactured:

    1. Open large low (OHL) price station by user entering (a) lookback bars (b) special date hour in the past starting from current spot price (c) date in the past to some other date in further past. This need not be on the main chart. Your PAbacktester is doing that - playing back rankings. I am indicating a station reveal and to build the stations printed at the bottom of the chart.

    2. Assess the level of drawdown in the specified period and decide how it compares with the general trend concerning pips and percent.

    Main Chart should print ray-lines/trendlines backward by user entering (a) expected stoploss position (b) expected profit goal position and (c) print thick trendlines demonstrating pips in drawdown or profit style indied by different color for every significant movement (correction/pullback/retracement/swing/whipsaw) based on the stage and threshold (in pips/percentage) of a significant move according to user.

    Example, now the EURUSD is currently at 1.11 and I'm bullish on it. I decide to buy the position for a profit goal of 400 pips and 100 pips stoploss and eager to wait around for 60 days.

    I input the beginning date (could be today or might be any date in the past depending on my own selection of price cycle idea - it might be closer 60-day price cycle and one which occurred a year ago in the similar months and time interval ) and the end date hour previously.

    I would like to assess drawdowns/profit made during this 60 days up and down moves using the trendline indicating high-low or open-close and then printing either text on the chart or at any of its corner a percentage of drawdown/profit made versus large,low,close or open. If the ratio is less than 10 percent or 15% or 20 percent I might believe that it's ok to put stoploss of the proportion.

    3. According to machine reading of yesteryear cycle (no requirement to get into complex AI stadium ) just invert the past cycle chosen by the user and print it on the chart ahead price movement assuming it will be a re-run of the cycle will happen with similar kinds of significant moves.

    4. Variation of the station idea expressed in Stage 1: An easy visual indior revealing horizontal lines published on chart with prices and hours ago (pls see separately connected picture) predicated on from and to dates chosen by the user.

    All four indiors are designed for money management job based on background of previous price cycle. Past price cycles in my experience are repeated and you are able to observe them ONLY in the event you stay detached and eliminate the media noise.

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    the attachment for prices ago to print on flat lines

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    Is it possible to earn ScreenSynchronization copy lines drawn on a single chart to all of the other charts? Is there some other indior who have this feature?

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    Woooow Kilian what amazing stuff you made! Many many compliments.

    I just wanted to thank u for your resources shared at no cost and give you a sense for another one if you want. It'd be good have a panel like this in our mt4:

    I came across this thread and the thought came out after visiting your own thread.

    Anyhow thanks again, best regards and keep it up your work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SimpleChartNavigation Widget Type:Indior I am trading news events and finding the specific time on a chart can be bothersome. (You can press enter and input the symbol and time but I never really liked that attribute ) Simply place in the desired time symbol and period along with the widget will proceed the chart there. I just finished it and it was among the first times I worked together with the gui. Parameters:...
    Due to this, but I can not get it to work with current versions of MT4. Can anyone supply a compiled or updated version please?

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    I discovered very intersting that thread, I am looking for a non usual sort of resources and indiors for MT4. I don't have any idea about programming but I match the idea that the MT4 interfaces are unsatisfactory.

    I would like to understand if the Terminal window (see the attachment) could be edited in order to add new cells below the sumation mobile (in the file attached shows $ -176,12).
    I need more cells under with the other sumations of the orders course, giving a balance for every one main currency: EUR, USD, CHF, NZD, CAN, AUD, JPY and GBP of those orders involved.

    I am working in a demo account trying to find my own egy, and I utilize many simultaneous orders, that is why I would like to get this customization of the terminal window. Is this possible to get? Regards!

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