Weekly and Monthly (Daily) Pivot Point Indicators
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Thread: Weekly and Monthly (Daily) Pivot Point Indicators

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    Weekly and Monthly (Daily) Pivot Point Indicators


    :A Request:

    I've a high number of indiors here, from several distinct people. However I am searching for a weekly pivot point indior which has an adjustable timezone (time zone). Along with a nice thank you to all of the people that created these indi's.

    That's I'd love to be able to perform weekly pivots according to Monday 2am through to Monday 2am as my servers are based in Cypress and hence their 2am is GMT midnight.

    I would also prefer to have the ability to 7am to 7am so I get the NY's EST pivot lines. Cause my programming skills are very limited, really to be very truthful they're non-existant.

    Can anybody change at least one of these into an timezone flexible weekly indior please?

    Auto-Pivot Plotter Weekly V1-00 plots the weekly pivots with a fantastic history but doesn't all one to change the timezone.

    Pivots (SDX-TzPivots) 3 plots a range of pivots based on your own time choice but doesn't do weekly.

    Auto pivot plotter v1-41 plots daily pivots timezone adjustment.

    AllPivots v2 does pivots but doesn't permit for timezone change.

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    Yeah yeah, no hurry thanks BT

    would be fab if you could do that. Genius dude cheers!
    Expect trading is going well for youpersonally? Are you on some other forums this ones barely got a heartbeat.

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    Hi James,
    I've removed S/R lines, just leaving the 4 pivot lines.
    They are light blue. If you would enjoy them all different colours, let me know.
    I find it easier with them different.
    I am not a coder, I've only played around with a couple of indiors, changing a couple of things here there to match myself.
    The major thread I look at recently is PRICE Accordingly, but it is moving faster than I've been reading it.
    If you read too many threads around here you wind up on information overloadup or down on your ears in shite.
    I've been using pivots for a few years I was wondering about 4Hour pivots, so that I searched FF for them finished up here.
    Are you using pivots long?


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    Wonderful job, expect other traders find it. Its easy and neat and provides you an notion of several major SR. I tried to use the pivots but arrived un stuck. I just know they're helpful so like to have them available. Dunno how you worked your magic but thanks !!

    The price accordingly is somewhat heavy, alot to read and soak in, can give it a try on a demo. Ch you later.

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    Hello All MASTER MIND,
    I've a Fibonacci Daily Pivot S/R indior.
    It works really nice... However, I need a few extra attributes like:
    1. Insert Extra Feature for Weekly and Monthly Pivot, Support - Resistance
    2. Exclude Sunday Candles. Insert GMT offset
    3. Make all sound thin lines with gray color, I really don't like rushed dotted lines.

    I know this is quite straightforward job for adventure developer.
    I've attached the document, please edit it and include such extra feature and
    talk about it everywhere since it's mostly needed.

    Thank you

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    Lots of indiors. Does anyone of these plot the historic pivot lines of weekly and montly pivots?

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    Billy T, Thanks for the change to this fantastic Pivot indior, just exactly what I wanted. The pips be together with you. Cheers Pip....

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    I customized the AllPivots_v2 indior to my liking, and stored 3 unique variations of it as Pivots Day, Pivots Week, and Pivots Month so I could slap on whatever I desired on a specific chart. However, for some reason it only shows one of them. I had Pivots Day plotted and then after I inserted Pivots Week it created Pivots Day disappear while revealing Pivots Week. The same thing for Pivots Month. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Here's the code along with indi's:

    Inserted Code // ------------------------------------------------------------------ //| AllPivots_v2. mq4 | //| Copyright © 2007, Forex-TSD. Com | //| Composed by IgorAD,igorad2003@yahoo.co.uk | //| http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TrendLaboratory | // ------------------------------------------------------------------ #property copyright Copyright © 2006, Forex-TSD. Com #property hyperlink http://www.forex-tsd.com/ #property indior_chart_window #property indior_buffers 4 #property indior_color1 LightBlue #property indior_color2 Tomato #property indior_color3 Aqua #property indior_color4 Orange extern int CountPeriods=10; extern series TimePeriod=D1; extern bool Plot_pivots=true; extern bool Plot_middle=True; extern bool Plot_camarilla=false; datetime time1; datetime time2; dual available,close,high,low; dual P,R1,R2,R3,S1,S2,S3,M0,M1,M2,M3,M4,M5; dual H1,H2,H3,H4,L1,L2,L3,L4,Range; dual pstyle, mstyle,cstyle; int shift, num, period; emptiness ObjDel() for (;numlt;=CountPeriods;num ) ObjectDelete(PP#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(R1Number 91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(R2#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(R3#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(S1#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(S2#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(S3#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(M0#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(M1#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(M2#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(M3#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(M4#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(M5#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(H1#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(H2#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(H3#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(H4#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(L1#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(L2#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(L3#91; num #93;-RRB-; ObjectDelete(L4#91; num #93;-RRB-; void PlotLine(string name,double value,double line_color,dual design ) ObjectCreate(name,OBJ_TREND,0,time1,worth,time2,va lue); ObjectSet(name, OBJPROP_WIDTH, 1); ObjectSet(name, OBJPROP_STYLE, fashion ); ObjectSet(name, OBJPROP_RAY, false); ObjectSet(name, OBJPROP_BACK, true); ObjectSet(name, OBJPROP_COLOR, line_color); int init() TimePeriod==240) period=PERIOD_H4; else if (TimePeriod==D1 int deinit() ObjDel(); Comment(); return(0); int start() int i; ObjDel(); num=0; for (shift=CountPeriods-1;shiftgt;=0;shift--) time1=iTime(NULL,period,shift); high = iHigh(NULL,period,shift 1); low = iLow(NULL,period,shift 1); open = iOpen(NULL,period,shift 1); close = iClose(NULL,period,shift 1); P = (high low close)/3.0; R1 = 2*P-low; R2 = P (high - low); R3 = (2*P) (high-(2*low)); S1 = 2*P-high; S2 = P-(high - low); S3 = (2*P)-((2*high)-low); M0=0.5*(S2 S3); M1=0.5*(S1 S2); M2=0.5*(P S1); M3=0.5*(P R1); M4=0.5*(R1 R2); M5=0.5*(R2 R3); Range = high - low; H4 = close (Range * 1.1/2.0); H3 = close (Range * 1.1/4.0); H2 = close (Range * 1.1/6.0); H1 = close (Range * 1.1/12.0); L1 = close - (Range * 1.1/12.0); L2 = close - (Range * 1.1/6.0); L3 = close - (Range * 1.1/4.0); L4 = close - (Range * 1.1/2.0); time2=time1 period*60; pstyle=2; mstyle=3; cstyle=1; num=shift; PlotLine(PP#91; num #93;,P,Gray,pstyle); if(Plot_pivots) PlotLine(R1#91; num #93;,R1,Red,pstyle); PlotLine(R2#91; num #93;,R2,FireBrick,pstyle); PlotLine(R3#91; num #93;,R3,Maroon,pstyle); PlotLine(S1#91; num #93;,S1,Lime,pstyle); PlotLine(S2#91; num #93;,S2,Green,pstyle); PlotLine(S3#91; num #93;,S3,DarkGreen,pstyle); if(Plot_middle) PlotLine(M0#91; num #93;,M0,White,pstyle); PlotLine(M1#91; num #93;,M1,White,pstyle); PlotLine(M2#91; num #93;,M2,White,pstyle); PlotLine(M3#91; num #93;,M3,White,pstyle); PlotLine(M4#91; num #93;,M4,White,pstyle); PlotLine(M5#91; num #93;,M5,White,pstyle); if(Plot_camarilla) PlotLine(H4#91; num #93;,H4,LightBlue,cstyle); PlotLine(H3#91; num #93;,H3,DeepSkyBlue,cstyle); PlotLine(H2#91; num #93;,H2,MediumSlateBlue,cstyle); PlotLine(H1#91; num #93;,H1,RoyalBlue,cstyle); PlotLine(L1#91; num #93;,L1,Chocolate,cstyle); PlotLine(L2#91; num #93;,L2,Orange,cstyle); PlotLine(L3#91; num #93;,L3,Goldenrod,cstyle); PlotLine(L4#91; num #93;,L4,Yellow,cstyle); return(0); // ------------------------------------------------------------------ https://www.cliqforex.com/attachment...2819748308.mq4

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    Got it. Thank you Cyber. I shifted the object names by adding D for day, W for week, and M for month. So, the daily central pivot is DCP, the monthly R1 is MR1, the weekly S2 is WS2, and so forth.

    Here is how they look. Daily pivots are dotted, weekly are hurried, and monthly are solid. I have to saythis is one of, if not the cleanest looking ensemble I have observed on MT4. LOL

    I'm a busy man and haven't had as much time as I'd like to know MQL4, but I have certainly made some improvement. Thanks again for your help, and here is the indi's for everyone who needs them.

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