EA fix: Close all positions at profit target X
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Thread: EA fix: Close all positions at profit target X

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    EA fix: Close all positions at profit target X

    Hello programming experts. This simple EA enables multiple (usually hedged) trades to be closed when an inputed profit goal is attained. It is potentially helpful.

    But as with other simple EA's of its kind I've examined, when the profit goal is attained, it is going to start to close positions, but then it will stop closing positions if that floating profit drops below the goal level (simple to happen if the price is shifting or the adverse trades would be the last to be shut ). . So it tends to leave 1 or two trades still open. . And then will shut them only if the profit goal returns again... maybe not a good situation for hedged trades as you stay exposed to the market one way or the other. .

    Can anybody fix this: Once the profit goal is hit it should shut 100% of open trades and dismiss any change to that floating profit level during the implementation process.

    If anyone can resolve this from the goodness of their heart then well and good, but if someone with a good background on FF (multiple vouchers) wants me to pay them a small sum for their services then please send me a PM. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote That's exactly what I've been looking for but near target needs to be the price, not cash or pips. Just one price target. Is it possible?
    I really don't know if useful or not


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    Gumrai thank you for the help but these EAs has aims for the profit or pips. It doesnt work for me because I have pl and sl amounts on my transactions plus they continuosly alter the quantity of profit that makes it impossible to calculate the profit target. I only need everything to be killed by it at a particular price even it hits the price from below or above.

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    Hello guys, I Want'Auto close profit Goal with currency pair Goal'
    RING 1

    RING Two

    If you have any available source please Provide me a link.

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    This all position in profit have zero divide error in line 88

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    Hi theer guys I beleve I fount a ea is runing in profit a while is tough the take profit can any one add or change the code to add 3 easy option I want 3 thing take profit on dolar amount and standard tp pip measure and lot expoedent if any one may helo im wiling to split the mql file and teh wining seting by the way I fount th ea im not the founder

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Hedgehog, The code you have should work to shut everything unless there is an error - such as the price is too near or slippage is too fantastic. I made a fast change that is more competitive. If certain positions have mistakes, it just keeps trying - eternally. I believe they will close eventually. I think it's OK, although I am not at my pc with MT4, therefore I was not able to compile it. Give it a shot. Viper file
    This ea doesn't work any more, could some 1 fix it ?

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    Hello Programming Expert,

    I need help to fix my code. I have created attached EA (through EABuilder.com) using price action and would like to shut order at profit X. But EABuilder has limited functionality and can not close all open positions (BuySell) at precisely the exact same time. Would you be in a position to help attach file please and to fix the code for me? I really don't have background programming ability nor knowledge.

    Sorry I used existing forums as I can not create new article as I'm new member.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Hi all, perhaps this is the correct location ....
    I am searching for an EA that each 30/50 minutes seems my open transactions and shut only those in profit of 20 pips.
    Do you understand a comparable EA? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi all, perhaps this is the right place.... I'm looking that each 30/50 minutes looks only and close my open trades those in profit of 20 pips. Do you know a similar EA? Thank you

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