Are anyone aware of the way to trail a stop loss from the losing side, type of reverse to a regular use?

What I mean with that is, say, I believed the price will go up so that I entered a BUY trade however, the situation changed and I think now that the price is going down following the weekend. I'm still in the original BUY trade and the stop hasn't been struck yet. Attempting to minimize a reduction I'm currently moving the stop up behind the price manually after support/resistance places on 5 minutes timeframe (which is a really brief period for me). I believe I could enter a counter trade to lessen the loss but I am afraid I shall just add more jumble to messy situation, therefore I do not want to do it. The setup is not good enough to justify a new BUY trade. Or I could only close that trade and take a reduction, it is not a huge deal, but why not to save some pips if possible? I cannot be in front of my computer for several hours now as it is night time , so I'm afraid that I will wake up to a full reduction.

When I could simply plug in a trailing stop script or EA or anything to get a losing trade to lessen the loss I'd be pleased as it feels like the price might wind up before finally moving down. I'd love to conduct this bounce as much as it goes up.

I am sure everyone encounters situations such as that earlier or later.

So is anyone aware of an existing ``'' tool for situations such as this (because of its lack of a better title ) or perhaps one can build one if it is not too much effort, please?