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    Dashboard TZ

    DashTZ Tools

    PS: Thanks to everybody for participate in this thread. Were very intensive months and fully of good moments

    BtB Demos
    Indiors and Experts Demos


    BtB Website
    User Manuals, Technical Articles News


    Indiors and ExpertscliqforexEditions

    Analyzer Basic (v0.10b1)

    Tools Pictures ( thanks to Jenbols for made it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Feed on demand feature. The true holy grail PD: Finally wasn't be a bug. High-profile trade was assessed by me . Looks high profile SL configurations are better. I made changes
    I been assessing some graphs with my mt4 along with your TE (your broker) to determine if any difference
    but looks all good with this event ...
    v0.60 looks like this trade, should have been closed long ago EurNzd
    have you transferred the black line ? Moved zones SL manually by any chance ?
    Doesn't resemble a recoverable trade unless some news simply inquiring thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I been comparing some graphs with my mt4 and your TE (your agent) to determine whether any difference but seems all good with this event ... v0.60 seems like this commerce, if have been closed long ago EurNzd have you moved the black line ? Moved zones SL manually with any opportunity ? Does not look like a recoverable commerce unless of some news simply asking thanx picture
    0.60 simply uses manual TP taking my observation as reference. For see What's the best setup I really do it

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    This week needed all days DD positive but I had a reverse in earnings because Trailing can't lock profits. It was a wrong implementation. I changed then we'll see if this time profits could be from the pocket before market swings.

    Even with this particular problem system recovered quite quickly the losses...

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    This is wonderful. Hotforex servers down. Fantastic method for fuck tests... And servers also.

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    Week decisions. As hotforex spread are extremely high at evenings faking a few the results I will use closed trades report

    v0.50 is the most secure system (installation more designed) and its functioning fairly stable. Anyway 3 weeks is very little moment. The main change was because Thursday. Last awful trades were smaller comparing with week beginning

    Other important point is system has been capable to maintain profitable floating all days except Wednesday. But this seems was of trailing malfunction. Some TP failed and SL didnt lock trades . Current floating is reddish because some good trades were closed but daily was convinced

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    This circumstance is quite strange. Its a profile. Conservative in entrances but shuts are very sensitive. This is weird because im using 3 hooks and ought to have slow reaction. Exits could be a candidate for be used in news. This might lead into a subset of depart profiles inside primary profile

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    I made some improvements to CCFp and that I added RSX ( MBFX tool) for try solve my time problem. I applied this improvements to Low Profile since its simpler combination and always is better utilize the simplest combination possible...

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    If I could do so with all trades I will reach my target...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If I can do this with all trades I will reach my target... image
    Getting closer...

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