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    High profile at v0.55 seems a winner. All transactions opened this week were all winners. Opposite leaves fuck some transactions gain but I solved error. Now I only need Low profile opens transactions because system ( not idea why dont take action)

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    3 exit way to close this transaction. First capture shows SL (almost BE ) and TP ( not much of price)

    Secondly capture shows opposite departure. EURUSD is 0 then appears won't possess this manner...

    Last capture shows why won't possess opposite departure. Support H4 was busted...

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    Subsequently conclusion is movement ought to go down in Asian session. Normally with little waves until LO opens and market try break High (typical movement after big bull breakout). But thinking we have NFP this friday possibly cost will move about this variety until news occurs...

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    If we input in consolidation instant afterward monitoring should try close trade by SL in the best position possible if TP is not attained ( TP is lively and can be briefer also if volatility down much). Opposite signal just can be possible if price retrace sufficient for pass busted support. Inside This case will take half of complete bear motion ( 25 pips because motion was around 50 pips )

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    Finally we have SL. This is a really good example of small retracement after big motion. How shield you of this type of traps?

    Next ch demones how trailing worked. We have 1 pip reduction

    Next ch shows same moment with slightly aggressive SL. We receive 15 pips gain. That is more 30% of complete movement ( 41 pips). Opposite signal wasn't happened because both pins didnt sync

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    The way the dynamic TP adapts to couple volatility ( green dotted line). Short horizonta blackl lineup is present candle over history

    PS: Catch shlws the way in each wave top TP move closer to immunity area. Pair is at a transparent consolidation minute

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    Now I only require system repeat this kind of trades consistently...

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    Some evaluations have openings. First two captures shows an opposite signal in EURUSD. The surprise was that I didnt expect a close when price was going higher...

    Anyhow its better near there that have a close for SL (approximately 1.20 ). SL near is about 35 pound worst. TP before high was close but the previous movement transferred it so far anticipationg a brand new bull movement

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    Same trade in outlook... Bad second for possess a close

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    Seeing the entire system with all transactions closed at this moment I see one thing interesting. I had some transactions opened from 9/10 Jan.. Box are transactions. Installation is be closed with by box. All and avoided losses closes looks consistent in pips earned. I am seeing similar behaviour in different evaluations even hinges are distinct ( but with same build foundation)

    Next week I will confirm if this system can regain losses of earlier weeks...

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