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Thread: DIY platform - Any C# coders? Need info, not code!

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    DIY platform - Any C# coders? Need info, not code!

    Hi I wish to create a kind of audience chart on C#, likely windows form. I know that .net includes a chart, but I would like to create mine. The problem is that I cannot understand what I want. And mean:

    1) Are those clusters of clusterdelta, text tag objects or are something else (some other sort of pre constructed chart kind )
    2) If they're heard that .net includes a limit of 10000 objects on user so I will have to have always plot labels under that limit?
    3) How to terminate axis (time price) again I will plot labels??

    Thank you and sorry for the perplexing question.


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    The clusters have to be predied on a specific principle and some related formulas. Coding may then be derived in C#.

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    GUYS thank you first of all for giving time and thought to reply me. But still its not clear for me, many of the type of charting platforms are written on .net, therefore I mean is there any kind of chart they already use or else they reach this level utilizing separated objects (like labels)?

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    My guess is it's a desk with conditional formatting on the cells. That could be a lot simpler to handle than a whole lot of tag items.

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